Getting Started (Part 6) - Get rewarded for your contribution with the Kudos Rewards Program! πŸ†

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Part 6: Get recognized for your contribution with the Kudos Board! :trophy:
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[Updated as of Feb 19, 2024]

Hi Community newcomers! :wave:

In this topic, we’ll look at our Kudos Rewards Scheme, a way for us to identify and reward the most active and high-performing members of our Community.

Accessing the Kudos Board

There are two ways to access the Kudos Board , you can click on the link at the top of the header …

… or navigate to the hamburger menu and click on β€˜Kudos Leaderboard’.

How it works

1. Kudos scoring criteria

The Board awards β€˜Kudos’ based on your continuous interactions within the Community. A list of these interactions and the amount of Kudos awarded are as below:

Interaction / Event Amount of Kudos awarded
Daily visits 1
Flag accepted 10
Post created 2
Post read 1
Topic created 5
Solution accepted 20
User invites accepted 10
Time read 1
Likes given 1
Likes received 1

Kudos are updated every 5 minutes for events of the day, and the board would re-calculate Kudos from the last 10 days once daily.

2. Special actions that award Kudos

You can also earn extra Kudos by completing any of the actions below. Please send a personal message to inform our team that you’ve completed said actions so that we could update your Kudos! :+1:

Actions Kudos Awarded
Take a survey from Katalon Product teams 50 Kudos
Interview with Katalon Team 75 Kudos

:spiral_notepad: Notes: Not all surveys or interviews will grant you Kudos unless it is specifically stated within the respective survey/interview topic.

3. Rewards

Amount of Kudos achieved Rewards
100 Special badge on the Community
200 1 x $15 eGift Card
300 1 x $30 eGift Card
400 3 months of Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) usage
400 3 months of Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) usage
400 3 months of Katalon TestCloud usage
500 1 x $50 eGift Card
600 6 months of Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) usage
600 6 months of Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) usage


  • All eGift Card will be in US Dollars ($).
  • A 3% fee of currency conversion will be applied to all Global eGift card orders when changing the currency from USD to your country’s own denomination at the redemption stage. β†’ See Gift Card redemption guide here.

For TestCloud usage: Trial Plan with 3 parallel sessions, Destop Browser Testing session type, and unlimited testing minutes. See our documentations for more information.

:pushpin: Please allow our team up to a week so that we can work with our Product team to grant you the Katalon licenses.

4. How to exchange your rewards

To exchange Kudos for gifts, you’ll just need to fill out this form. We will send you a confirmation message of your gifts and deducted Kudos.

After exchanging your Kudos for the rewards specified above, we will proceed to deduce the corresponding Kudos amount from your profile. It may take from 10 minutes up to 24 hours for your actual Kudos amount to be refected on your profile.

5. Notes

If you redeem the KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine), KSE (Katalon Studio Enterprise), or TestCloud, you are bound to each tool’s respective license policy and support policy.

:point_right: Check out this topic for more information on how the Kudos Board works and which categories you’ll earn Kudos from.

:pushpin: We want to clarify that our free licenses are strictly for personal use only, as outlined in our Customer Terms of Use. Commercial or business usage requires appropriate commercial licenses.

:pushpin: Up next: Part 7: Badges - Gotta catch 'em all!

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Pretty exciting rewards for our experts. We should highlight someone every month.

It is very awful to see the Rewards. But it is best if the Rewards will get distributed to the participants.
Last time got participated in rewards and other things organized by the community.
After everything new targets have been added to get the rewards.

i totally annoyed by these false promotions made by you peoples in the community


Hi @bharathi.a,

First of all, we apologize if your experiences when joining our Giveaways have been less than satisfactory.

Now, after double-check the Giveaway topic in question, we can see that:

  • You initially replied to the main thread with the lucky number 17042023 on April 17th β†’ Link
  • You then created another reply with the lucky number 0143 on April 17th β†’ Link
  • You then created another reply with the same lucky number as above (0143) on April 19th β†’ Link

In total, you have created 3 different replies, and hence, we only considered your first reply as an entry in our Giveaway to be fair to everyone else in said thread.

If you want to win more eGift card and similar prizes, we are running another survey relating to our GPT-powered Manual Test Case Generation feature, which upon completion, you would get a chance to enter another lucky draw.


Thanks for the Reply I did replied to the thread. without knowing I submitted my reply first of all.
at the end of the thread, there is no mention of gifts or who won only the following reply was there from you.
when clicking on that one it is redirecting me to this Getting Started (Part 6) - Get recognized for your contribution with the Kudos Rewards Scheme! πŸ† - #4 by thread.


Hi all,

We have some slight revision to the Kudos Rewards Program as follow:

  1. You can now redeem 400 Kudos for TestCloud usage.
  2. The Kudos Leaderboard will no longer have an expiry date, meaning you can keep on engaging with others on the forum, earn Kudos, and redeem gifts.

Hi - what does β€˜Katalon Platform’ mean? All of the individual components of the platform, like KSE, KRE and TestOps? Ie does 3 months of Katalon Platform give all these things? Thanks

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Hi Dan,

Thank you for your question.

As stated in the first post of this topic, the Katalon Platform usage (both 3 and 6 months) consist of:

  • 1 x Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE)
  • 1 x Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE)
  • 1 TestOps with 3,500 of Test Results limit.



thanks for confirming and would be a very nice perk! :smiley:

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[Updated as of Jan 29, 2024]: Adjusting the values of some of the gifts.

[Update as of February 7, 2024]

Our team have now partnered with GoGift to provide you with GoGift Global eGift Cards.

With GoGift, you are no longer limited to just one brand such as Amazon as before. Instead, you can redeem for popular global brands i.e. Starbucks, Adidas, Airbnb and in your own country as well!

:information_source: Please note that a 3% fee of currency conversion will be applied to all Global eGift card orders when changing the currency from USD to your country’s own denomination at the redemption stage.

2 Likes Could you please the latest redemption guidelines if possible

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Hi Dinesh, :wave:

Thanks for the reminder. We will update the main post of this topic soon. :+1:


This is great program. Let’s contribute


[Update on May 15, 2024]

  • Make adjustments to the rewards on offer.
  • Make adjustments to the number of Kudos points awarded based on accepted solutions and user invitations.