Our Community has reached 50,000+ members (and counting)! 🎉

Dear our lovely Community members @trust_level_0 , :wave:

Today, we are pumped to share with you that our Community has reached 50,000 members (which consist of both our forum members and Katalon Academy learners)!

To celebrate this milestone, we are giving away three (3) $50 Amazon US eGift card as our token of appreciation to you for keeping our community strong! Read along to learn how you can win the eGift cards! :point_down:


  • Start date: November 21th, 2023
  • End date: 2023-12-10T16:59:00Z
  • Winners announcement: After 2023-12-10T16:59:00Z

What you have to do :pushpin:

From now until 2023-12-10T16:59:00Z, simply:

  1. Reply to this thread with an answer to the following question:
  • What are the three (3) things that you like about:
  1. Help us spread the word about our achievement by:
  • Sharing this thread to your favorite social media platforms i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram, etc. Instructions on how to share will be provided down below.
  • Use the hashtags: #katalon_community #50k_members in your post, and
  1. And lastly, reply to this thread with a link to your social media post.

The prizes :gift:

Three (3) members who get the most number of engagements (likes & reactions) for their replies in this thread & their social media posts will receive:

  • A $50 Amazon US eGift Card each

For the remaining members, you will receive:

  • An extra 100 Kudos to your profile.

We will be announcing the winners from 2023-12-10T16:59:00Z onward.

Thank you for keeping our Community strong! :muscle:


1. Can I share this thread to more than one social media platform? I.e. I have both a Facebook and a LinkedIn account

Yes, you can. The more platforms you share this thread on, the more number of engagement you receive, and the higher change you will get to win the prize!

Just remember to include the link to all of your social media posts in your reply so that we can count your engagement!

2. I live outside of the US, if it possible for me to get an Amazon eGift card that correspond to my country's currency?

We could also send the eGift card in the currency of other countries where Amazon is present i.e. Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, etc. except Amazon India as the country’s tokenization guideline towards online payment methods has made it difficult for us to purchase Amazon India eGift cards.



Follow the steps below to share this thread on your social media platform:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the post, and click the Share button :link: Share
  2. In the modal that appear, choose the appropriate social media platform. Or, if your platform of choice is not present, simply copy the link.
  3. Remember to use the hashtags: #katalon_community and #50k_members in your post. Posts without these two hashtags will not be considered for our giveaway.

Screen Recording 2023-11-20 at 16.09.06


I love the Katalon Community Forum for its collaborative atmosphere and wealth of shared knowledge. The community’s support makes troubleshooting easy, fostering a positive learning environment. As part of the Katalon Creator Program, I appreciate the structured platform for active contribution, be it through feedback or creating extensions. The exclusive access to resources and updates ensures I stay ahead of the curve, benefiting from the latest features and improvements.


Thanks for all the encouraging words @himanshupawar.work!!! Great to have you here with us.


Hi there all @trust_level_0 members, :wave:

Don’t forget to join in the celebration and you may get to win a $50 Amazon US eGift Card from us! :wink:


How do I join the celebration?


Scroll to the top. There are instructions.


Hi there Anjana, :wave:

Great to see you here! Please find the instruction below:

And the instruction on how to share this thread is below:

Looking forward to see your sharing on your social media! :wink:

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Hi folks, :wave:

Seems like things have “cooled down” in this thread, so we have decided to extend the deadline to 2023-12-10T16:59:00Z. Don’t forget to share this thread on your social media to get a chance to win $50!


Things I love about Katalon Community Forum:

Active Engagement: Vibrant community for discussions and problem-solving.
Knowledge Hub: Valuable resource for troubleshooting and best practices.
Direct Katalon Team Interaction: Users can interact directly with the Katalon team for assistance.

Things I love about the Katalon Creator Program:

Recognition: Acknowledgment for contributions and expertise.
Exclusive Access: Early access to new features and updates.
Networking: Opportunities for collaboration with professionals.

Things I love about Katalon Academy:

Structured Learning: Courses cover beginner to advanced levels.
Hands-On Practice: Practical exercises for real-world application.
Certification Opportunities: Earning certifications validates proficiency in Katalon Studio.


Hi all, :wave:

Thanks for celebrating our 50,000+ members achievement with us! We will proceed to close this topic, count the number of your engagements, and announce the winners soon!


This topic was automatically closed after 48 minutes. New replies are no longer allowed.

Hi @here,

Thanks for your patience, we have counted all of your engagements and below is a table of the winners: :point_down:

Username Total engagements Prize
@sanket.dudhe 50 A $50 Gift Card
@sreerag 36 A $50 Gift Card
@himanshupawar.work 19 A $50 Gift Card
@kiranrathode64 6 100 Kudos
@atul.rai 5 100 Kudos

Congratulation to all the winners! For the top three, we will reach out to you shortly regarding the delivery of your prize. As for the remaining two, we will proceed to add 100 Kudos to your profile, please note that it could take from 10 minutes up to 24 hours for your actual Kudos amount to be reflected on your account and on the Kudos Board.

Thanks & have a nice weekend, :sunglasses:
Katalon Community team