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Hey Katalon Studio users! :wave:

We are excited to announce that Ask Katalon Anything (AKA) is now LIVE! :tada: Whether you’re exploring the Katalon platform, running into challenges, or simply looking for tips to enhance your testing workflows – We are here to answer all of your questions.

I am Xuan Tran (@xuan.tran) from the Katalon Product team. Katalon Studio is the product that I’m responsible for, so my main goal is to make Studio even more powerful and efficient with each passing day. Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about Katalon Studio and I will do my best to answer all of your questions!

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Hello, we intensively use WebUI and WS features of KSE yet noticed that regarding desktop app automation KSE seems behind the competition: missing WebUI features (no video record, no screenshot, no “rerun from here”) and not handling all desktop app development languages meaning for some desktop app interactions is difficult and object recognition not working well.

Question: is it intended to remain like this, because KSE is actually mostly used for WebUI / WS test automation, or is it intended to catchup competitors in this domain?


Hi @xuan.tran ,

Feature request/idea from @wbalien.

Would or is it possible to make a time boundary on test execution (stopping KRE test suites run) and then generate the report as “finally” part of execution (by sending it to TestOps)?

Described here: How to stop KRE execution (TS Collection) but allow to generate report after kill signal/timeout?

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Hi @xuan.tran,

A question from @Testinator-X :
Are there plans for Katalon StudioAssist to be able to use alternative language models (LLM) such as Google Gemini (formerly known as Bard) or other (free/no-cost) models instead of Chat GPT?

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Hi @xuan.tran,

A question from @katamba:
When running UI tests in Katalon, I understand that API calls are being made at the same time. So, am wondering if there are plans to incorporate performance/load testing capabilities into the Katalon Platform such that someone doesn’t have to use third-party tools to get performance insights about their application whose test cases are primarily housed in Katalon Studio?


Hi all,

While there will not be anyone from our Cloud Studio team joining AKA this time, we want to let you know that you can still create a topic in the Katalon Cloud Studio and get answers from either @nhi.knguyen or @quyen.huynh (albeit a bit slower).

Thanks, :+1:

I received an email from Katalon that they “knew that I used Keywords” in my test scripts and to talk to Katalon about the new KS product, version 9.0, in which, if you use Keywords, you need to pay for subscription. Note: This is on my home machine in which I don’t do much except respond to forum questions.
However, my question is, what other security information is KS getting from our use of its product? Are my test scripts (or results) being sent to Katalon? Seriously, how vulnerable are we opening up our “corporate” information to Katalon with using your product?


Speaking of custom keywords. I think it’s so stupid that with version 9.0 it’s suddenly no longer possible to use custom keywords in the free version. I mean: Not even the sample projects such as the BDD Example will still work once the test phase has expired. I would like to understand why this function has suddenly become part of the paid Enterprise version? Will the example projects be adapted so that they work without custom keywords? Is there a guide somewhere on how to migrate existing projects?


hi about the ticket, can share insights about MS Teams email use?

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We also got a question from @trungnghia.ctn94 about the possibility of running Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) on Apple Silicon (the M1 chip specifically) and whether the Product team has any plan to support KRE on Apple Silicon in the future.

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Recently, there have also been several members raising the issue of updating Chrome WebDriver to be used with Katalon Studio (see below). It would be great if @xuan.tran let our members know whether the team is aware of this issue or not, if a fix is coming soon, and if there are any workarounds people can follow while waiting for said fix.


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Why does 9.3 need to redirect to a browser for login? This is very counterproductive.

With this question, however, I would also like to emphasize the matter of data protection. The issue is not only important for large companies such as Apple, which is said to have issued a general ban on ChatGPT as early as the beginning of 2023, but also for small companies such as ours, which want to ensure that no sensitive information leaves the company.

Here, fore example you can find some LLMs to host yourself: library

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Hi Xuan,

How to get rid of a variable showing as Default when I execute test cases. I am using a data file and it is reading all the values from the data file but lob.
please let me know what could be the reason. I checked data binding for Lob, it is pointed to the right column in a data file.


hello, am trying to iterate through the list of web elements as in the webpage screenshot attached but the following errors occur. kindly assist. the id of the table starts with ‘ct100’ also brings errors. please note that the ids of the elements are different each time.
Screenshot 2024-02-27 140753


Can we customize the Katalon reports?


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Does Katalon Studio support multi language? If I use any xpath with english text, does Katalon has any ability to covert to desired language like French without changing any xpath?


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The error MultipleCompilationErrorsException means you have defined the same variable more than once. Somewhere in your code, you likely copied and pasted the variables, Table, rows_table and Columns_row. What you need to do is remove the definition from in front of the variables. You can leave the definition in front of the very first one in your code, then remove all others. As an example, keep your definition in the first instance:

WebElement Table = driver.findElement(...)

but any other use of the same variable, you just use:

Table = driver.findElement(...)

Same goes for the others listed in your error message.