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Part 8: Katalon Community Sitemap

Hi Community newcomers! :wave:

Welcome to the last entry to our Getting Started Guide. We know that sometimes you may get lost whilst browsing through topics, posts, and whatnot in our community. And while we’ve included useful ways for you to navigate around the Community, we still get feedback from time to time about the numerous areas/sections within the sites.

So the purpose of this topic is to give you a brief rundown of all categories/subcategories currently available on the Community.

Categories & Subcategories

  1. Announcement & Update
    Where you can get the latest updates and announcements about the Katalon platform, alongside other activities.
  • Events & Activities: News about our upcoming events e.g. webinars, meetups, etc.
  • Updates: Your sources for the latest updates relating to Katalon platforms.
  1. Product Forums
    Have a question about using Katalon platform? Got stuck somewhere on your automation testing journey? Or do you just simply want to share this amazing tip/trick you just learned? Then this channel is for you!
  1. Industry Trends
    Learn from experts in the field and be up-to-date on the software testing industry! Expect valuable knowledge that will make your automation testing journey more exciting! In addition, YOU can share exciting news from your organizations and regions with global testers. :boom:

  2. Feedback & Reviews
    This is where you can voice your ideas and suggestions to help us bring you better features, services, and support! :grin: In addition, those who want to go beyond merely reading and posting, to actively working toward improving our community for everyone can leave your suggestions here in Site Feedback.

  • Documentation: References and tutorials for Katalon platform.
  • Bug Reports: Report your bugs here and we’ll look into them!
  • Features Requests: Got an idea for a cool new feature for Katalon platform? Share it here!
  • Site Feedback: Discussion about Katalon Community, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it together!
  1. Miscellaneous
    Use this category if you aren’t sure where to post, or want to talk about something off-topic that isn’t software-testing related. e.g tech, music, films, etc.

  2. Archive
    Any old, inactive topics (little to no likes, replies, views, or solution marks) will be moved here. It’s locked down so you can’t create, edit, or reply to topics within this category.


  • You’re only able to create topics in the subcategories of Feedback & Reviews and Product Forums.
  • The subcategories under Feedback & Reviews allow you to Vote on topics to indicate your support. Learn more about it here.

Other areas of the Community

  1. The Tags Page
    Tag is another way that we use to organize topics in Katalon Community. ALWAYS remember to append suitable tags for your topics so that you can get support faster!

  2. The Groups Page
    See the current user groups on the Community, including your trusty Admin, Moderators and Staff groups.

  3. Kudos Leaderboard :trophy:
    Every action on the community will earn you Kudos, which you can use to redeem exciting gifts from us. Learn how the Kudos Leaderboard works here.

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