Kudos rewards reward

Glad to hear I am rewarded with > 1000 kudos.

Anyway, there is any particular reason i get this three times, for any ‘milestone’?

Just asking the staff…

Hi @bionel,

Thank you for sharing this. We are organizing the kudos program to appreciate and recognize all the contribution made to our global community and you are a great part of it. The messages play as reminders as the program is relatively new to our users.

We are sending the reminders in public announcements and private messages to ensure it reaches our intended recipients. May I know how we can accommodate your expectation about this topic?

Our Discourse platform is working fine so I would suggest the tag #platform-bugs is not appropriate in this situation.

Hope this clarifies your concerns.

[Update]: My bad I didn’t embed the link to the Kudos Exchange Form the first time

Hi @bionel,

First of all, congratulations on getting over 1000 Kudos! As expected of one of our long-time members! :tada:

Regarding your question, as Vu Tran said above, we’ve created several topics below to remind our members the Kudos Rewards Scheme itself, as well as suggesting some of the things they can do to gain more Kudos e.g. asking questions, starting a conversation, replying to others, etc.

This might have been because we’ve created 4 topics corresponding to each Kudos level (200, 300, 500, and 1000).

Having said that, if there is any gift that you’d like to exchange your Kudos for, feel free to do that by filling in this form. You can see the gifts on offer below.

Thanks again for being such a valuable member of our community :sunglasses:

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@albert.vu thank you for appreciation!
this matters at least for me.
now… i have a question.
most probably i will not spend my kudos for amazon gift cards … and i don’t know when my points will expire.

And i don’t need a certain licence in the near future (unless i buy it just because i can and will stay there unused)

But i know there may be users looking for a licence to fulfill some goals.

Therfore, there is any posibility to ‘donate’ either kudos points or a licence?

We can open a dedicated section for this if needed… sort of ‘help market’

I was expecting to get this only once to my attention, since I jumped straight to 1000+ level.
(i know i already had 900+ before you released this)
But I got the intermediate levels announcements also.

That confused me a bit, but I think this is just a new feature so I was hit by all of them since I was a ‘candidate’ for all of them.

A bit annoying for first time seeing this.
The logic behind may need some love …
In the future, most probably the users will get that gradually … I hope.

If that behaviour will repeat, you should re-consider the approach.