Want to give away your unused Kudos? Now you can!

Hi folks,

Following the suggestions from a few forum members, of which they stated that they have accumulated quite a bit of Kudos ever since we implemented the Kudos Board but have never exchange them for anything, nor do they have any plans to in the future. We have decided to enable these members to give away their Kudos to those who may need them (if they want to).

How does Kudos giving works?

General Guideline

  • Where: In the Miscellaneous category only
  • Kudos giving can only be initiated by the giver i.e. the one member who is intending to give away their own Kudos to others.
  • The receiver(s) for the Kudos will be chosen based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Step 1: Create a topic in Miscellaneous category with the following format

Topic title: [Kudos giving] - [Number of Kudos] giving away to [how many people]
Example: “[Kudos giving] - 500 Kudos giving away for to 2 people”

Step 2: Append your topic with the tag: kudos

Step 3: In your topic, write why are you giving away your Kudos. Include information on how the Kudos amount will be divided if given to multiple people i.e. 500 Kudos giving away to 5 people → each person receives 100 Kudos.

Note: We recommend you to include a “verification step" to your topic (what the receivers have to do to be qualified to get the Kudos) i.e. drop a heart :heart:on your topic and reply with the answer to “what is 1+1=?”.

Step 4: Once the receivers have lined up in your topic, simply reply to the thread with a list of member(s) who will be receiving the Kudos (on a first-come, first-served basis), and tag @albert.vu from Katalon Community team in your reply.

Step 5: The Community team will proceed to subtract the total Kudos amount giving away from the giver, and add the corresponding Kudos amount to the receiver.

Please note that it will take up to 10 minutes or more for the correct Kudos amount to be reflected on your profile and on the Kudos board.

Should you have any suggestions or feedback to improve the Kudos giving process, feel free to comment below :point_down: