How to get free access to Katalon solutions for the Certification Program?

You can leverage the Community’s Kudos Rewards Scheme to get access to different Katalon solutions and get your wanted certifications from our Katalon Certification Program. In this topic, we will show you how.

1. What is the Kudos Rewards Program?

The Kudos Rewards Program is a way to reward the active members of the Katalon Community.

You can leverage this scheme to earn Kudos Points by interacting with others, and then exchange those points for rewards, which include free access to different Katalon solutions.

Rewards Kudos Points Required
3 months of Katalon Platform usage (*) 400
3 months of Katalon TestCloud usage 400
6-months of Katalon Platform usage (*) 600

(*) Katalon Platform usage includes the following solutions:

  • Katalon Runtime Engine usage (KRE)
  • Katalon Studio Enterprise usage (KSE)
  • Katalon TestOps
Beside Katalon solutions, you can also exchange your Kudos points for other gifts (click to expand)
Rewards Kudos Points required
Special badge on the Community 100
1 x $20 Amazon eGift Card 200
1 x $40 Amazon eGift Card 300
1 x $60 Amazon eGift Card 500

2. How does it work?

Step 1. Earn Kudos Points by interacting/doing the following activities:

Interaction/Activity Kudos Points Earned
Interview with Katalon Team (**) 75
Take a survey from Katalon Product teams (**) 50
User invites accepted 20
Solution accepted 15
Flag accepted 10
Topic created 5
Post created 2
Daily visits 1
Post read 1
Time read 1
Likes given 1
Likes received 1

(**) You can only do these activities once in a while. Make sure to keep an eye on announcements in our Katalon Community where we need your feedback, participation in a survey, or interview. Please send a personal message to inform our team that you’ve completed said actions so that we can update your Kudos!

Step 2. Keep track of your earned Kudos Points

Screen Recording 2023-09-07 at 15.00.03

Step 3. Exchange your earned Kudos Points for access to the Katalon solution you want.

Simply fill out this short form. We will send you a confirmation message of your gifts and deducted Kudos Points.

3. Some Notes You Should Know

1/ If you redeem the KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine), KSE (Katalon Studio Enterprise), or TestCloud, you are bound to each tool’s respective licence policy and support policy.

2/ Free licence access is strictly for personal use only, as outlined in our Customer Terms of Use. Commercial or business usage requires appropriate commercial licences.

We’re looking forward to seeing you around in the Community and your certification achievement from our Katalon Certification Program. If you have any questions about the Kudos Reward Scheme, feel free to ask below. If you need any technical support to achieve the certifications, don’t forget you can always ask in our Katalon Certification category.

Happy testing.


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From now to December 31, 2023, you can easily earn 100 Kudos Points for submitting a Katalon Platform review on G2! More information can be found here: Enjoying Katalon? Tell us all about it on G2! 🎁.

You can make use of this opportunity to earn enough Kudos Points, exchange them for access to your wanted Katalon solution, and achieve Katalon Certification(s).