Calling all TL0 and TL1 members - Your feedback is needed!

Hi all @trust_level_0 and @trust_level_1 members, :wave:

First and foremost, welcome to Katalon Community! :tada:

Although for most of you, your times with us have not been long, we still hope that you found our forum enjoyable to use and were able to find the answers/solutions you needed.

As we are building a thriving community, one where you can come to search, ask others, and get the solutions you need to your questions with ease, hearing your feedback is essential for our team to improve your experiences on our forum.

Having said that, we would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know what we did well, and what we can do to make our community better by replying to this thread. Some suggestions below:

  • Think back to when you logged into the forum for the first time after creating your account, did you open the “Welcome to Katalon Community!” message that our (digital) friend @discobot sent you? What did you think about the content? Was it too much, too little? Did it manage to give you everything you need to get started on our forum?

  • About our Getting Started Guide, did you manage to read through all 8 topics? If not, then what do you think we could do to make the guide more accessible and concise? Were there any bits that got confusing or redundant?

  • When you see our forum homepage for the first time, how did you feel? (e.g. overwhelming, complex, meh, etc.). How long did it take you to familiarize yourself with all of the functions of the forum? Were there any UI elements (button, link, etc.) that were hard to understand or misleading?

  • Did the search function serve you well? Do you normally look for existing topics first before asking a question? If not, why? How could we improve the search functionality in your opinion?

  • Are you aware of any currently-running programs on our community, such as the Top Contributor program and the Kudos Rewards Scheme? Would you be interested in becoming one of our Top Contributors? Why and why not?

Note: Please note that while we take your feedback into consideration, it does not necessarily mean we will be able to implement them all.

Thanks and happy testing! :sunglasses:


I don’t know if I’m trust level_0 or 1, but I got the notification, so I guess I’m one of them

  • I don’t remember the welcome to katalon community message content, can’t answer

  • I didn’t read the getting started guide, as most of the time, I don’t post, because my questions are almost always already there

  • I really like this type of forum with the timeline on the right

  • I use the search function a lot, but I’m not gonna lie, I mostly do it from google instead of the forum searchbox I look up for answers a lot. I would like to think that the top contributors did get the recognition from Katalon and got a free upgrade or something. The amount of information from them on this forum is impressive AND is a very great complement to your documentation. I would say that without them, I would have have a lot of problems unsolved
    @kazurayam (there is 2 other members that I have seen a lot of their helpful posts in your forum, I just don’t remember their names) is the first one that comes to mind.

  • I’m probably never going to become a top contributor, simply because I’m not that good, and I still have a few things to figure out. If I ever come accross a topic on which I have an answer, I will share that’s for sure

This forum has been really useful to me


I don’t remember my first login, so I tried to log in and look at these links if still available.
But when I went to and attempted to log in,
I got “Login Successul” displayed immediately below the password, but I never left the login screen.
I waited 30 minutes and still no completed login.


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try to refresh the page. i noticed also this behaviour e. g. when i attempt to login from a ‘new’ machine

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Hi @mpaquin, :wave:

Thank you for your earnest feedback. At the moment, you’re a Trust Level 1 user.

kazurayam, and I believe the other two you mentioned were bionel and russ_thomas (but please correct me if I am wrong, have yet to join our Top Contributor program. It was due to their active contribution to our forum that has enabled them to move up the Trust Levels ladder, giving them more capabilities to manage the forum alongside us (to an extent) compare to lower-tier members.

I understand what you meant when you said you were not that good. While being proficient in Katalon Platform and autonomous testing, in general, is a plus, it is not a hard requirement.

Being a Top Contributor (TC) is more than just knowing the right answer to a question, it is also about engaging with other members and facilitating discussions. For example, you can offer your own solution/suggestion to a question, and then tag others members that you think would know more about the issue at hand to offer their perspective, or even our @team.

Or, you can start a conversation in Miscellaneous about any subject that you’re interested in e.g. Would you say HBO’s The Last of Us is a faithful recreation of the game itself by Naughty Dog?

And, another important aspect of being a TC is helping us to keep our forum’s discussions healthy and constructive, which means flagging any post that you think maybe spammy, or that goes against our Community Guidelines.

If you still think being a TC is not up your alley, then maybe the Kudos Rewards Scheme is more suitable for you. Simply explained, you earn “Kudos” for each and every of your interaction on our forum, and you can exchange those Kudos for gifts from us e.g. Amazon eGift Card, or even 3-6 months of unlimited Katalon Platform usage.

Hi @bionel and @MarkBC, thanks for pointing the Login bug out. We’ll let our web dev team know about this. :+1:

  • I think this is bit weird as when I search for some thing and press enter its doesn’t show results in the list(page view) it show results in the drop down its bit weird.
    instead of this results can be show in page view with list
  • Also when you click on search icon it do nothing, User have to press enter key
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See my comment about your feedback on Discourse’s own forum here.

Hi @p.kayam,

Thank you for your feedback. :+1:

Apparently, the search banner mimics the search button’s behavior in the upper right corner in that:

  • Pressing Enter once brings up the dropdown list with the most relevant search results.
  • Pressing Enter twice brings up the Advance Search UX in which you can further filter your search results based on date, status, and more. You can refer to this topic to learn more about
    using Advance Search.

I believe this is a current limitation with this theme-component by Discourse (a lot of the UI/UX elements you see around the forum were created by them as well). I will let them know about this :+1: