Katalon Certification

Hi all, I am trying to achieve expert katalon certification. But when I try to run testcase in TestCloud channel I get this message “The scheduled test run cannot start because you’ve reached your limit on running test in TestCloud environment.” Is this because I have no license ? But Katalon said in its page “All criteria can be achieved using either the free or paid version of Katalon solutions”. Anyone know may I miss some step ? Please, help. Thank You.

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Hi @resti.hariyati.

The sentence you highlighted applies to Katalon Studio and TestOps which offer free and paid versions (you can use either the free and paid version of these solutions for certifications).

Katalon TestCloud, on the other hand, is a paid solution. It offers a trial period with limited executions for users to use. To use it after the trial period ends, you need a license. That said, with the Katalon Community’s Kudos Reward Scheme, you can earn 3-month usage of TestCloud. More information here.

Hope my information helps you.

Hi @viet.nguyen ,

Thank you so much for your explanation. It is so helpful.


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