Announcing the Trending Topics banner

Hi Community members! :wave:

Today we are announcing a new feature coming to our forum called “Trending Topics”, let’s take a look at what it is and how it will enhance your experiences on the forum!

What is “Trending Topics”?

We notice many new questions on the forum sometimes go unnoticed, or that many people join in the conversation but they do not lead to a concrete solution :white_check_mark:. Hence, “Trending Topics” aim to solve this by surfacing them in a banner just below our search bar.

The new “Trending Topics” will go live on [date].

How does “Trending Topics” work?

The banner itself scans the forum and selects the three topics to be displayed based on a combination of their:

  • Creation date (newest first)
  • Number of views
  • Number of replies
  • Number of participants

Note: The banner will refresh itself on a weekly/daily basis with a new batch of topics.

How “Trending Topics” benefits our community

  • The banner may also surfaces release notices that help you to keep track of Katalon’s product roadmap
  • If you have a question that has already been asked by another member, and featured on the banner itself, you can join in the conversation without having to create a duplicate question.
  • When you answer these featured topics, you will also earn Kudos that allow you to exchange gifts :gift: from us!

How you can make the most out of “Trending Topics”

To ensure that your questions get featured and supported, we encourage you to follow the instruction in the thread below to give your topic as much information as possible.

As this is a new feature, we understand that it may interfere with your experiences on the forum to some extent. Please feel free to voice your feedback and suggestions in Site Feedback. :+1:

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The only thing I notticed up to now, is annoying particularily on mobile devices.
Is this really an added value?
Or yet another bloat?
Time will tell …

Can you tell us more? We are presuming that it is due to the extra vertical space taken before you reach the topic list itself.

Well, the jury is still out. Feel free to let us know if there is anything more that bothers you about the banner itself. :+1:

I want the Trending Topics banner to be personalized so that it does NOT show the topics that have no updates since my last visit.

At the moment it shows the same set of 3 topics to everyone.

But I have already seen all these 3 topics. I do not like to be notified of these 3 any longer because they just disturbes me rather than help.

When there are no more new trending topics, then I would rather like the banner to disappear to save space.


open this forum from a mobile device and you will see it.

@Elly_Tran some great points made by kazurayam! :heart:

But, I’m seeing a solved question listed.


At the moment, I’m not seeing anything useful provided by the addition. It’s just noise.

And Albert, you are not aware of a solution to your stated problem that I provided four years ago. For some reason it stopped working about 18 months ago. In the listing, unanswered posts had a reddish background color. Solved posts had a pale green color. Posts with replies (but as yet unsolved) had a yellowish background.

The benefit was simple – you didn’t need to read anything, you could see at a glance which posts needed most attention. In addition, there was a filter at the top that said “Unanswered” or similar so you could click that and see all the unanswered questions.

Something else that was lost.

Baby. Bathwater.

I have already got bored with the Trending Topic banner. I want to remove it. Please provide a way to opt it off by my personal preference.


Sorry, I do not understand this. What do you mean?

Is it a kind of joke?

Forgive me, I’m not a native English speaker.

I maybe should not have said it here. It continues a PM thread between / @vu.tran and myself.

So when I said, “Something else that was lost”, I was referring to that PM thread where I detailed some of things I thought were lost when the forum was “revamped” just over a year ago. In many cases, I felt they threw the baby out with the dirty bathwater.

Thank you for the profound pointer.
Now I learned it.

Hi, thank you all for sharing several interesting suggestions as well as informative feedback relating to the Trending topics banner.

We recognize your feedback of wasting space in mobile view (1), personalizing and categorizing unanswered/solved topics in the banner (2), showing title incorrectly (3), turning off the banner (4), etc. We really appreciate your feedback and we would like to update some of our actions based on these:

(1) - Due to the space limitation of mobile view and unpopular interaction with forum in mobile, we will disable the banner in mobile for the best experience.
(2) - We found this idea really great but due to the current lack of human resources, we will put it in backlog and update it as soon as possible.
(3) - We have solved it and will release soon.
(4) - We found the banner informative to some groups of users but not all; therefore, with those who actively join discussion in forum, you can turn off the banner as Russ_Thomas has suggested.

Hope this answer will be clear to all of you and thank you so much for contributing ideas/feedback. Wish you all the best. Thank you!

cc @vu.tran , .

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It is up to you, I hope your team consider at least fixing the title rendering issue asap.
The forum is the true image of the Katalon team, believe it or not.
If Katalon, a company focussed on developping testing products for Web and not only, is comfortable with having a broken banner, sure, why not.
Keep it in the backlog until … up to you.

so I am waiting for (3)

I am fine with this.

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I would like to update the title fix has been released. Thank you!

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Confirmed on mobile is gone, looks good for me now.
I haven’t checked on Desktop if title rendering is fixed but I don’t care since I applied the hidding solution.
Thank you!