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Part 2: Meet your new friend - Community Onboarding Booklet
Part 3: How to Search the Community? :mag:
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Part 5: How to Get Solutions from the Community? :white_check_mark:
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Hi Community members! :wave:,

Thank you for joining Katalon Community Forum and welcome onboard! :v::sparkles:

Don’t fret if you are a rookie in our Community - Our inclusive Forum Onboarding Booklet is here to be your travel fellow!

:star2: Let’s ignite the adventure now within only a-few-minute reading (9 pages) and some clicks:

Access the Forum Onboarding Booklet here! :bookmark:

Katalon Community Forum - Onboarding Booklet

Happy wandering and stay thrilled at our Katalon Forum!

Katalon Community Team!

:pushpin: Up next: Part 3: How to Search the Community? :mag:

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