Katalon Certification Program

Does the “Test run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine: 0/5” criteria to complete the Professional level certification requires buying KRE license? if yes is there any free trial to use just to complete this task?


Hi @brt.ralsiblani. Welcome to our Community and thank you for your interest and joining our Certification Program.

To use KRE, a license is required. That said, upon your account registration, you will have a 30-day trial to use it. You can leverage this period to achieve the certification.

You can also get a free KRE license with the Katalon Community’s Kudos Reward Scheme (earning Kudos points by interacting in the Community and exchanging them for licenses). More information here.

Hope my answer helps.

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Hello @viet.nguyen, i really appreciate your assistance. As i mentionned in my question i want to complete the “Test run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine: 0/5” criteria to recieve my certification.
I have created an agent “Agent Rania” and each time i try to scehdule test runs

i get redirected to a blank page

Is this related to me not having the KRE license? if so is there a possibility to get another 30 days free trial since my trial period has expired few months ago?


Hi @brt.ralsiblani, using the Community’s Kudos Rewards Scheme (which I mentioned above) is the only I know to get a free license of KRE. You will need to earn 375 points to exchange for a 3-month license. Without KRE, it’s not possible to meet the “test run executions on TestOps agents using KRE” criteria.


Hi @brt.ralsiblani, thank you for sharing your interest in our Certification Program. The program aims to motivate our users using the Katalon Platform and support others in our community. Since you are attaining new knowledge and skills via the criteria of achieving our certificates, you can gain more benefit of contributing back to our community here on this platform. This can result in your kudos and its equivalent perks, including the free license as your desire. Hope we could count on you for a better supportive community. Sharing is caring. Thank you. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you @viet.nguyen , @vu.tran for your help. If you could just please confirm the below to check if it’s all clear for me:

  • To obtain the Professional level certification i need a KRE license to complete the task “Test run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine”
  • To obtain the Professional level certification i need a TestCloud license (no need for KRE too here) to complete the task “TestCloud Tunnel configuration for executions in a private domain”

Correct @brt.ralsiblani. You will need:

  • KRE for Professional certification
  • TestCloud for Expert certification (and Practitioner certification also)

Hope my confirmation helps. Any further questions are welcome. Thank you.

To add more details to @viet.nguyen’s answer: we do inform our users about all of the options to achieve the certificates on the landing page Katalon Certification Program - Advanced Your Career With Katalon, you could check more in the FAQ section if you like. Thank you and looking forward to seeing your achievement soon.