Announcing the new Kudos Board!

[Updated as of Sep 21, 2023]

Thanks to the folks at Discourse, the Kudos Board will now be able to reflect your added or deducted points i.e. you exchanged your Kudos points for gifts, or you completed one of our Product team’s surveys.

:pushpin: Please note that this does not happens in real time and may take up 30 minutes for your actual points to be reflected on the Board/on your profile.

[Update as of Nov 30, 2022]

  • We’ve made some slight changes regarding the amount of Kudos rewarded.
  • We’re introducing Kudos Rewards as a way to recognize your contributions towards our community, check them the rewards and how to redeem them by visiting this topic.

Hi Community members! :wave:

Following some of your feedback regarding the previous Top contributor leaderboard, we have decided to replace it with a new holistic Kudos Board which would take into account not only the number of likes you received, but also various other actions/criteria - think of it as the current badge system, but much more exciting :smile:.

1. Where can you find it?

There are two ways to access the Kudos Board, you can click on the link at the top of the header …

… or navigate to the hamburger menu and click on ‘Kudos Leaderboard’.

Please note that with both options, it will open the Kudos Board in a new tab.

2. How it works

The Global Kudos Board awards ‘Kudos’ based on certain users’ events and interaction in the Community.

Categories that award Kudos

Kudos scoring criteria

The points are updated every 5 minutes for events of the day, and the board would re-calculate points from the last 10 days once per day.

Interaction / Event Amound of Kudos awarded
Daily visits 1
Flag accepted 10
Post created 2
Post read 1
Topic created 5
Solution accepted 15
User invites accepted 20
Time read 1
Likes given 1
Likes received 1

3. Which user groups are included in the Leaderboard?

At the moment, the following user groups are automatically added to the Kudos Board:

  • Trust_Level_0
  • Trust_Level_1
  • Trust_Level_2
  • Trust_Level_3
  • Trust_Level_4

Additionally, if for whatever reason you do not want to be included in the Leaderboard, you can join our newly created ‘Leaderboard Hidden’ group. Once you’re in, your profile will be excluded from the board itself.

As this is a new feature from Discourse, we welcome your feedback to make our Kudos Board better for everyone on the Community. And if you have any suggestion/idea for future boards for specific contests/events in the future, do let us know below. :+1:



Hi @Russ_Thomas,

I just tried to access the leaderboard using my personal account @pedro.ramsey and I can confirm that it returned the same error as well (note that I’ve added the personal account into the ‘Leaderboard Hidden’ group beforehand).

My guess is that those who are within said group wouldn’t be able to see the leaderboard except for admins/moderators (even if said admins/moderators are in the group as well). :thinking:

I’ll ask the Discourse team about this :+1:

I was able to access from chrome and IE logged in. Received the 404 error when not logged in via

Good point. But…

Firefox, logged in to the forum, 404.
Chrome, not logged in, 404.

Like, I thought it was about LB membership, but it’s not that simple, it seems.

I just tested with Firefox (signed-in) and I could still see the board, so my take for this is:

User states Results
Signed-out/Anonymous 404 error
Signed-in & in the Leaderboard Hidden group 404 error

And it seems that admins/moderators can see the board normally regardless of whether they’re in said group or not.

I also tried on Safari, Edge & Firefox and it seems the above assumptions are true :thinking:

Will notify Discourse about this :+1: Thanks for helping us spotting these bugs out :smile:


Works now :clap:

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