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The latest updates and announcements about Katalon platform, events, alongside other going-ons from Katalians!

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Have a question about using Katalon? Got stuck somewhere on your automation testing journey? Or you just simply want to share this amazing tip/trick you just learned? Then this channel is for you!

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Learn from experts in the field and be up-to-date on the software testing industry! Expect valuable knowledge that will make your automation testing journey more exciting! In addition, YOU can share exciting news from your organizations and regions with global testers.

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Use this category if you aren’t sure where to post, or want to talk about something off-topic that isn’t software-testing related. e.g tech, music, films, etc.


Any old, inactive topics (little to no likes, replies, views, or solution marks) will be moved here. It’s locked down so you can’t create, edit, or reply to topics here.

Bangalore Users

This is a category for the @BangaloreUsers group members to come and discuss all things Katalon-related