[Community Summary] Let's take a look back at April 2023!

Hi Community members, :wave:

Let’s take a look at how our community perform as well as some of our most active member in April 2023…

Top 5 active members in April 2023

Members Kudos achieved in April 2023
@jmeintjesn7 287
@grylion54 145
@Elly_Tran 143
@bharathi.a 92
@mwarren04011990 74

Let’s give the members above a round of applause :clap: for their continued contribution to our forum. And as a token of our appreciation, each of them will receive an extra 100 Kudos of which they can use to exchange for gifts from us! :gift:

Check out the gifts here!

Top 10 active topics in April 2023

These topics were collected based on their reply counts.

Now some of these topics have been solved or close, so they would act as a good reference point for any member who may be encountering similar issues. While others are still open for you to chime in.

For @trust_level_0 and @trust_level_1 members, if you are aiming to gain more Kudos to exchange gifts, we encourage you to take a look at the topics above, along with the topics on our “Budding Topics” banner, as well as any of the unanswered topics elsewhere in the forum.

To see a list of unanswered topics, especially in the New section, follow the steps below…

  1. On our homepage, click on “New” to go see the newest topics created.
  2. Then on the Nav bar below the “Budding Topics” banner, click on the Any status dropdown, and choose “Unanswered”.
  3. Start engaging with the posters of those topics, and watch your Kudos rising! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Happy testing! :sunglasses: