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Katalon Store (Beta) is now available! Install plugins for FREE! [Announcements] (15)

Hi all, We are happy to announce that the Beta Katalon Store is now available at! Katalon Store is a collaborative marketplace for both end-users and developers to build add-on products…

How to package Custom Keyword as plugin ( 2 ) [Plugins] (25)

Dear guys, Previously, we have announced a tutorial to build standard plugins for Katalon Studio. In this post, we’ll introduce a more lightweight process for sharing custom keywords as plugins. Package Custom Keyword…

[Katalon Webinar] Top up Katalon Studio: Explore plugins for better testing efficiency [Events] (3)

Hi all, To meet the need for more competitive testing features, we have recently launched Katalon Store—a platform to apply and create plugins that extend the testing capability of Katalon Studio. Join our webinar to…

[TIP] My test is BROKEN! NOTHING WORKS! PLEASE HELP ME! [Tips and Tricks] (10)

Yes, there are some pretty smart people on this forum. But even so, they/we are not magicians or wizards or gods. We can’t see your code. We can’t see your errors… Remember: We don’t even know what your application i…

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