Katalon Store is coming soon. Feel free to suggest your wanted plugins! ( 2 ) [Announcements] (34)

Hi all, We’re excited to announce the open-source Katalon plugin development platform. Now you can: Extend Katalon Studio’s automation capabilities Adapt Katalon Studio into any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) B…

Katalon Recorder is now an open-source project [Announcements] (2)

Katalon Recorder source code has been published. We would like to take this opportunity to express our warmest thanks to Katalon Recorder users and other open-source projects, especially: Selenium IDE Project - htt…

Show your love, get $25 [Announcements] (3)

Show your love toward Katalon Studio on this Valentine’s Day and get a $25 Visa gift card! We would very much appreciate if you could write a review about your experience with us. Your voice will contribute to the com…

[TIP] My test is BROKEN! NOTHING WORKS! PLEASE HELP ME! [Tips and Tricks] (12)

Yes, there are some pretty smart people on this forum. But even so, they/we are not magicians or wizards or gods. We can’t see your code. We can’t see your errors… Remember: We don’t even know what your application i…

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