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Visual Testing (image comparison) with Katalon Studio 7.8.0 and Katalon TestOps

Hi everyone, An early release of Katalon TestOps Visual Testing feature ( is available now. This is a handy feature to help you compare screenshots between executions when assertion steps d…

58 October 18, 2021
How to use Katalon TestOps Agent to schedule and remotely execute a Katalon Studio project

Hi everyone, In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Katalon TestOps Agent to schedule and remotely execute a Katalon Studio project. Katalon TestOps Agent will help you: Install and manage multiple versions of Ka…

22 September 1, 2021
(2021-12-30) Katalon Studio 8.2.2.a | Katalon Studio 8.2.0 Official | KataConnect #5 | Log4J

Latest Official Release The current official release of Katalon Studio is Katalon Studio 8.2.0. You can download KS 8.2.0 here. Release notes: B…

5 November 18, 2021
[Katalon TestOps] Updates on New Concepts & Terminology

Hi all, Please be informed that there will be updates on some terms in Katalon TestOps. Major updates are listed below. Old term New term Schedule Trigger Execution Test Run Test Project Script Repository …

6 March 3, 2021
[Product Launch] Meet Our New Product - Katalon TestOps Core

Dear Katalon users, Thank you for supporting Katalon TestOps through the beta! We’re excited to announce the new version of TestOps, officially released today! In this TestOps Core 1.0 - totally free, we go beyond th…

2 January 19, 2021
Posting Style - Use Friendly English!

This is a callout to … ALL NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS Please, PLEASE use friendly, translatable English when posting and replying to all topics on this forum. Please… Do not use txt-speak - i.e. the kind of shorthand…

4 September 2, 2020
Welcome to Katalon Community! 1 November 8, 2018
[TIP] How To Help Us Help You!

[Updated August 2020] My test is BROKEN! NOTHING WORKS! HELP ME! Relax. We get it. We really do. There are some pretty smart and clever people on this forum, but you must realize, they are not magicians or wizards o…

11 September 19, 2019
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