[TIP] How To Help Us Help You! (My test is BROKEN! NOTHING WORKS! PLEASE HELP ME!) [Tips and Tricks] (11)

Yes, there are some pretty smart people on this forum. But even so, they/we are not magicians or wizards or gods. We can’t see your code. We can’t see your errors… Remember: We don’t even know what your application i…

Katalon Studio version 6.3.0 with dark theme [Beta Release] (9)

Hi all, Starting from version 6.3.0, Katalon Studio will support Dark theme in addition to the default Light theme. Download Katalon Studio 6.3.0 (Beta) and try now! Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed! Happy t…

Katalium Framework is now available - TestNG and Selenium made easy [Announcements] (4)

Katalium is a test automation framework based on TestNG and Selenium that provides a blueprint for test automation projects. For software testers and automation engineers who want to write Selenium tests, Katalon Studio…

Katalon Studio & Sauce Labs integration is here [Announcements] (2)

Hi all, Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Sauce Labs. This collaboration will bring you a better automated and continuous testing solution so that automation teams can now release high-quality produc…

Katalon Studio now integrates with LambdaTest [Announcements] (2)

Hi all, We are happy to announce that Katalon has recently rolled out a new integration with LambdaTest. The integration between Katalon and LambdaTest centers on maximizing the capabilities of cross-browser testing usi…

Katalium Server - The power-up for Selenium Grid [Documentation] (1)

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Welcome to Katalon Community! [Uncategorized] (1)
Posting Style - Use Friendly English! [Site Feedback] (3)

This is a callout to … ALL NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS Please, PLEASE use friendly, translatable English when posting and replying to all topics on this forum. Please… Do not use txt-speak - i.e. the kind of shorthand…

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