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Support your Katalon fellows: Calling for Votes [Events] (5)

Two of our fellows in the Katalon Community: Raghav Pal and Jagmit Singh are submitting proposals to attend the Selenium Conference 2020 in India. Vote for these topics to show your support to the speakers! See the detai…

Katalon Studio 8 with Eclipse RCP 4.13 [Beta Release] (6)

The beta release of Katalon Studio 8 is available now. This version (8.0.0.rc7.1.0) has the same features as 7.1.0, with some platform changes: Eclipse RCP 4.13 (upgraded from Eclipse RCP 4.6.3). Groovy 2.4.17 (upgr…

Posting Style - Use Friendly English! [Site Feedback] (3)

This is a callout to … ALL NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS Please, PLEASE use friendly, translatable English when posting and replying to all topics on this forum. Please… Do not use txt-speak - i.e. the kind of shorthand…

[TIP] How To Help Us Help You! [Tips and Tricks] (11)

[Updated Nov 2019] My test is BROKEN! NOTHING WORKS! HELP ME! Yes, there are some pretty smart people on this forum. But even so, they/we are not magicians or wizards or gods. We can’t see your code. We can’t see you…

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