[10/03/2019] Katalon Studio Enterprise (RC2) is now available [Announcements] (7)

Hi all, Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) beta is ready for trial. This is a full-feature Katalon Studio version – exclusively built for large teams and businesses. KSE is designed based on our enterprise users’ feedback…

[TIP] How To Help Us Help You! (My test is BROKEN! NOTHING WORKS! PLEASE HELP ME!) [Tips and Tricks] (11)

Yes, there are some pretty smart people on this forum. But even so, they/we are not magicians or wizards or gods. We can’t see your code. We can’t see your errors… Remember: We don’t even know what your application i…

Welcome to Katalon Community! [Uncategorized] (1)
Posting Style - Use Friendly English! [Site Feedback] (3)

This is a callout to … ALL NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS Please, PLEASE use friendly, translatable English when posting and replying to all topics on this forum. Please… Do not use txt-speak - i.e. the kind of shorthand…

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