[Forum Recap] Let's take a look back at July 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

July 2023 has just passed, and it is that time again when we look back at how our forum perform in the last month.

Overall, we generated 141 topics and 1k posts in total, compared with 169 topics and 856 posts in July 2022.

1. Active members in July 2023

These are the members who have collected the most Kudos point in the last month.

username Kudos
@arjun.raj 362
@dineshh 307
@grylion54 186
@guy.mason 122
@kreno 121

2. Up-and-coming members in July 2023

These are new members who have managed to obtain the New User of the Month badge for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom.

@udeepak, @akshay.sarve

3. Up-and-coming TL3 members in July 2023

For these members, it is only a few steps away from achieving the Trust Level 3 (TL3) status, which not only unlock the Lounge area (reserved for TL3 and TL4 members), but also a whole lot of other capabilities as well!

@grylion54, @guy.mason, @atul.rai, @Dan_Bown, @kreno, and @mwarren04011990

:information_source: Learn how you can become a TL3 members

4. Top topics in July 2023

These topics were collected based on their reply counts.

Some of these topics have been solved, which may act as a good source of reference for any members who may be encountering similar issues. While others are there for you to chime in and have fun conversing with other members.

For @trust_level_0 and @trust_level_1 members. If you are aiming to gain more Kudos to exchange gift, then we encourage you to take a look at the topics above, along with the topics on our “Budding Topics" banner, as well as any other unanswered topics in the forum.

How to see unanswered topics on the forum?

To see a list of unanswered topics, especially in the New section, follow the steps below…

  1. On our homepage, click on “New” to go see the newest topics created.
  2. Then on the Nav bar below the “Budding Topics” banner, click on the Any status dropdown, and choose “Unanswered”.
  3. Start engaging with the posters of those topics, and watch your Kudos rising! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

5. Other news

5.1. Say hi to our new Category Moderator! :tada:

We would like to introduce @guy.mason as our first Category Moderator on the forum. As a relatively long-time member on our forum, and most active in the Katalon Recorder subcategory, they will assist us with:

  • Moderate content (topics & posts) within the Product Forums and all of its subcategories.
  • Assist us in welcoming new members into the forum.
  • Helping members with any questions they may have about Katalon Recorder, and occasionally in other areas such as Katalon Studio, TestOps, etc.
  • And in general, keeping our Community healthy as a place where Katalon users can come to ask questions, receive support and engage with other members.

While Guy can offer you with suggestions and workaround for your questions/issues, please do not expect him to be your go-to guy (no pun intended) for all-things-Katalon related as:

  • This is a voluntary position and he simply does not have all the time in the world to respond to each and every of your questions, and
  • One of the beauties of engaging on an online forum such as ours is that you can discuss, learn from one another, and consider different viewpoints and until you reach one that could potentially resolve your issues and potentially others’ as well.

5.2. Ask Katalon Anything is coming back :tada:

Following our first Ask Katalon Anything thread after Katalon’s platform transformation last September, we are bringing it back in Q3 2023 where you can ask our Product team anything related to our development roadmap, upcoming features that are in the work i.e. exciting new GPT-powered features on the horizon :eyes:, as well as other questions related to the Software Testing industry, or other areas of Katalon i.e. Documentations, Academy, etc.

Be sure to check in our forum frequently to get the latest update of when AKA is coming! :wink:

5.3. Share your Success Stories with the Katalon Certifications program

If you are one of our Katalon Academy learners who have gotten at least one (1) certificate from our Katalon Certifications program, then we are eager to hear how getting certified has helped you in your professional lives and boosted your career. We will share more details with you later so keep an eye out for your inboxes! :wink:

Thank you for making our Community great! :sunglasses:
Albert from Katalon Community team