Reactivate trial for certification completion

I have my katalon studio enterprise trial ended long back in march 2022. However, I came to know about the katalon certifications recently and when I logged in to the katalon academy, I noticed that I have completed more than 50% of the requirements for all 3 levels of certifications. However, few of the criteria for gaining the certification require enterprise license.
Is there a way to reactivate my trial period for few more days to complete the certification OR is there a way to register for a trial using a different account and link this to my existing account to complete the certifications, without losing the current progress? Any help on this would be appreciated.

Hi there, @arjun.raj. Welcome to the Community and thank you for your interest in our program.

I don’t know any way to help you reactivate the product trial while still keeping your current work. But I do know a way to help you get a free license to use Katalon TestCloud (for Practitioner & Expert certifications) or Runtime Engine (for Professional certification). That is to follow the Kudos Reward Scheme.

So, basically, you will need to do certain activities (answering questions, inviting new members, etc.) to earn what is called Kudos points. Then, exchange those points for free licenses to use Katalon solutions to get your wanted certification. That’s the only way I know.

Hope it helps.


@viet.nguyen Thanks for your reply. Could you please also clarify if I achieve the required kudos points in the same account for which my trial has expired, can i use the license with the same account so that my certification progress is not lost?

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@arjun.raj, I think so. But I will let @vu.tran or confirm this matter since they’re in charge of the Kudos Scheme.

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Hi there @arjun.raj, :wave:

Yes, once you have achieved the required amounts of Kudos points to exchange for a license, we will proceed to extend your license based on the credentials that you provide.

:pushpin: You will be able to retain your usage data if your provided credentials match with your Katalon Studio Enterprise account’s credentials.

Please follow the some of the suggestions in the thread below to see how you can get 500 Kudos in the least amount of time :wink:

Also, since you are new to our forum, you will soon be invited to join our Onboarding Game, which is not only a good opportunity for you to learn the ins and outs of our forums and get rewarded, but you will also increase your Kudos points while doing that as well. Stay tuned for the invitation PM from us :wink:

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