How to earn kudos points

can anyone tell me the ways to earn kudos points?, So I can complete all the criteria to get certified


Hi @Shakkir, :wave:

Gaining Kudos is actually rather easy, though you would need to have a bit of commitment. Below is a thread to get you started on earning your first 200 Kudos point :point_down:

To earn Kudos points and complete the criteria for certification, you can follow these general guidelines:

  1. Actively participate: Engage in discussions, ask questions, and provide helpful answers on forums, community platforms, or support channels related to the certification program. This demonstrates your knowledge and willingness to contribute.

  2. Share knowledge: Write articles, blog posts, or tutorials about topics relevant to the certification program. Sharing your expertise not only helps others but also showcases your understanding of the subject matter.

  3. Contribute to open-source projects: Contribute code, documentation, or bug fixes to open-source projects related to the certification program. This shows your practical skills and involvement in real-world projects.

  4. Attend relevant events: Participate in workshops, conferences, webinars, or meetups related to the certification program. Networking with professionals and attending educational sessions can expand your knowledge and provide valuable insights.

  5. Collaborate on projects: Work on collaborative projects with other individuals or teams. This promotes teamwork, allows for knowledge exchange, and demonstrates your ability to work effectively in a group setting.

  6. Seek feedback and improve: Actively seek feedback on your work and make necessary improvements. This shows a commitment to growth and learning from others.

Remember, the specific requirements for earning Kudos points and achieving certification may vary depending on the program or organization. It’s advisable to refer to the specific guidelines or documentation provided by the certification program to understand the exact criteria and requirements.

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Hi @upgradeyard,

Aside from point number 3, 4, and 5, the rest are quite on point. :+1:

There are also other ways where you can gain Kudos, such as:

  • Invite new members to our forum
  • Having other members mark your replies as solutions :white_check_mark: β†’ obviously this would require a certain level of Katalon Platform knowledge and experiences
  • Complete our quizzes and surveys from our Product team (for each survey filled you would get an additional 50 Kudos points). We are actually running a survey below :point_down: