[For Newbies - Kudos Rewards] Your path to 200 Kudos 🎯

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To all newcomers to Katalon Community, :wave:

If you are reading this, then there is a high chance that you are aiming to get 200 Kudos to exchange for a $20 Amazon US eGift Card from us. Be sure to follow along on some tips and tricks on how to get there in no time!

:information_source: What is the Kudos Rewards Scheme?

Let’s say you just joined our forum and you are aiming to earn 200 Kudos point in a week or two, simply:

  1. Join our Onboarding Game - This is a great opportunity for you to learn how our forum works, and get a chance to win a $10 Amazon US eGift card as well!

  2. Say hello and introduce yourself in this thread

  3. Invite up to 10 people to our forum → Invite instructions are below.

  4. [Optional] Collect badges - Badges are a way for you to showcase your achievement and commitment to our forum, and earning badges goes hands in hands with earning Kudos points as well. In other word, the more Kudos you earn, the higher chance you get at acquiring our exclusive badges, and the more rewards you will receive! :gift:

:information_source: For newcomers, below are the two easy-to-get Badges clusters:
1. Common badges
2. Uncommon badges

How to invite others to join our community?

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. From the homepage, go to your profile
  2. Click on the “Invites” tab, then click + Invite
  3. If you’re inviting just 1 person, then input their email addresses in the “Restrict to” field, add an optional message if you like, then click Save and Send Email
  4. If you’re inviting multiple people, then specify the number of people you’re inviting under “Max uses”, and click Save Invite. Then you can send the link to your friends!

Feel free to reply to this message if you have any questions. And we look forward to seeing your participation on our community!

Katalon Community team

:point_right: Already got 200 Kudos and looking to gain more, then click here! :point_left:


@aaron.ingram you may need to join this to accelate your contribution to a broader community :boom:

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Contributor Program

And did you know that, with 400 Kudos, you are qualified to become one of our Category Moderators? This is part of our Contributor program that enables you to give back to our community, all the while getting rewarded! Click on the link below to learn more! :sunglasses:


how many hours in a week would be required for this

Hi @dineshh,

There is no definitive answer to your question as there are lots of ways for you to reach 200 Kudos, some may be faster than the other.

For example, if you successfully invited 10 people to our forum in one day, that will be 15 Kudos x 10 people = 150 Kudos. Or you can just log into our forum every day for 200 days and earn 1 Kudo for each day.

The choice is yours :sunglasses:

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Here I come developing a daily habit of logging into katalon for more than half a year. See you in 200 days and 200+ Kudo :wink:

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Or you can take a shortcut by engaging with other members in our Miscellaneous area. For example, talk about your hobbys, anything you have watched or listened to in the past week that you want to share with others, etc.

The following topics may help you to get started :point_down:

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