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Part 4: How to Get Solutions from the Community? :white_check_mark:
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Hi Community newcomers! :wave:

In the previous topic, we’ve looked at how you can facilitate conversations by creating and replying to topics. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the tips and tricks you can apply to ensure that your questions would get answered as soon as you publish them.

1. Follow topic templates

Some categories such as Test Authoring, Bugs Report, or Feature Requests require you to follow existing templates so that we can offer better support.

When you select said category or click the Ask the Community button within those categories, the composer will be automatically pre-filled with instructions on how to detail your questions.

The topics below will also provide you with more instruction on how to write your questions:

  • [Russ topic]
  • [How to log bug effectively]

2. Marking posts as Solutions

If you consider one of the posts/replies in your topic has solved your issue or answered your questions, then don’t hesitate to mark it as a solution by clicking on the three-dot β€’β€’β€’ button under said post, and choose :white_check_mark: Solution . It’s a great way to show your appreciation to the OP as well as provide others with a solution should they need one.

3. Topic Voting

Topics created in Bugs Report, Feature Requests, and Site Feedback are votable. The vote button will appear next to the topic title to the left.

Voting is a great way to show our team which issues need our attention and needs to be resolved quickly. Read this topic to learn more about Topic Voting.

4. Make use of @mentioning

You can always mention @team to get our attention for a particular issue. For any other issues related to the Community e.g. navigation, UI/UX, etc. you can mention @vu.le, @vu.tran, or @sara.leslie.

5. Notifications

When someone is talking directly to you - by replying to you, quoting your post, mentioning your @username, or even linking to your post - a [blue] bubble will immediately appear over your profile picture on the header.

When you’ve been sent a PM, you’ll receive this in your Inbox and a [green] bubble will appear on your profile picture to the left.


Click on your profile picture to scroll through all of your notifications.

Don’t worry about missing a reply - you’ll be emailed any notification that arrives when you’re away.

If you want, you can get notified about other things happening on the site as well, either as the topic, category, or tag level.

Topic notifications

You can change your notification level for any individual topic via the notification control at the bottom of each topic:

or at the end of the timeline on the right of the topic, if said topic is long:

Category notifications

Notification levels can also be set per category. To change any of these defaults, see your User Preference > Notifications > Categories, or visit the category page, and click on the notification control above the topic list on the right side:

Tag notifications

Go to your User Preferences > Notification > Tags to change notification level per tag:

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