[Forum Recap] Let's take a look back at January 2024!

Hi Community members, :wave:

We hope you have had a blast throughout the first month of 2024 so far. And, as always, let us take a look back at how our forum performed in January 2024!

Last month, we generated 156 topics with 723 posts overall, of which a few topics stood out as below:

1. Top active topics within January 2024

Some of these topics have been solved, which may act as a good source of reference for any members who may be encountering similar issues. While others are there for you to chime in and have fun conversing with other members.

For Trust Level 0 members. If you are aiming move up the Trust Level ladder (and gain more Kudos along the way), then we encourage you to take a look at the topics above, along with the topics on our “Budding Topics" banner, as well as any other unanswered topics in the forum.

How to see unanswered topics on the forum?

To see a list of unanswered topics, especially in the New section, follow the steps below…

  1. On our homepage, click on “New” to go see the newest topics created.

  2. Then on the Nav bar below the “Budding Topics” banner, click on the Any status dropdown, and choose “Unanswered”.

  3. Start engaging with the posters of those topics, and watch your Kudos rising! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

However, our forum is not always about testing, it is also a place to build connections and get to know each other via subjects outside of testing. Which is why we have created the Off-topic category for you to start or join in off-topic conversation just about anything that you are interested in i.e. food, travel, computers & tech, gaming, etc.

Now, let’s turn our attention to some of the most notable members of last month…

2. The Bookworms :nerd_face:

These are the members who read the most number of posts in the last month:

Members Number of posts read
@kazurayam 900
@jmarzolf 894
@soonheng.poh 870
@bionel 852
@sales 812
@pmoresova 795
@morgan.giribuola 758
@grylion54 694
@mickael.reuze 654
@daraperwitasari 651

3. The Popular :star_struck:

These are the members who received the most likes :heart: for their posts in the last month:

Members Number of likes received
@grylion54 26
@valentijn.peters 26
@Russ_Thomas 18
@mwarren04011990 17
@kazurayam 13

4. The Conversation Starters :speech_balloon:

These are the members who created the most posts / replies in the last month:

Members Number of posts created
@grylion54 53
@valentijn.peters 45
@kazurayam 35
@bionel 31
@mwarren04011990 30
@Russ_Thomas 19
@mageshzero7 16
@bharathi.a 15

5. The Gurus :white_check_mark:

These are the members who have the most number of their replies being marked as a solution :white_check_mark: in the last month:

Members Number of solutions
@kazurayam 2
@bharathi.a 2
@phong.nguyen 2

:pushpin: For those members within “The Conversation Starters” and “The Gurus” category, we are going to add 100 Kudos points to your profile as our token of appreciation for your contribution to our forum. (Please note that it may take from 10 minutes up to 24 hours for your actual Kudos amount to be reflected on your profile).

New User of the Month in January 2024

These are the newcomers to our forum who have contributed a lot in the past month. And, as a result, they have acquired the New User of the Month badge!


6. Up-and-coming TL3 users

For these members, it is only a few steps away from achieving the Trust Level 3 (TL3) status, which not only unlock the Lounge area (reserved for TL3 and TL4 members), but also a whole lot of other capabilities as well!

@grylion54, @dineshh, @Dave_Evers, @thanhvi1512, @Dan_Bown, @Monty_Bagati and @jordan.bartley

Feel free to reach out to our @team by sending a Personal Message on tips and tricks on how you can become a Trust Level 3 user! :wink:

:information_source: See what you can do as a TL3 member

7. Other exciting news from Katalon

7.1. [Event] Katalon x Perficient - Simplifying Salesforce Testing with Katalon

Social feature img

The Katalon Community team has been hard at work with one of our Katalon Creators - Sanket Dudhe from Perficient - to bring you a Salesforce-focused event on 2024-02-10T11:00:00Z, along with experts from Perficient and Katalon, to help you gain fresh insights and tips & tricks for testing in the Salesforce domain with the Katalon Platform.

:point_right: Learn more and register at: [Event] Simplifying Salesforce Automation with Katalon

7.2. Ask Katalon Anything (AKA) is back for Q1 2024!

We received lots of participations and positive feedback during our last AKA, hence, we have decided to bring back Ask Katalon Anything (AKA) within Q1 2024 (and potentially making it a more frequent activity from now on!)

This is a great opportunity for you to connect with our Product team, alongside have them answer your burning questions about our product roadmap, upcoming features, or best practices when using the Katalon Platform.

More information about the next AKA will be shared with you soon, so stay tuned! :wink:

7.3. We reached 60,000 members!

Social post

We are proud to share with you that our community (comprised of both Katalon Community forum & Katalon Academy learner base) has reached 60,000+ members! And we invite you to celebrate this occasion with us by heading to the topic below (who knows, maybe you will even win a small gift :wink: :gift:)

Thanks for keeping our Community strong! :muscle:
Katalon Community team