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In just about three months, our Katalon Certification Program has been well-received with over 800 certifications granted.

And now, we would like to invite you, our Certified Practitioners, Professionals, and Experts to come and share your certification journey with our team and our community members, many of whom are considering enrolling in the program. You are probably wondering what is in it for you. Well keep reading! :wink:

From now till 2023-06-02T16:59:00Z, simply reply to this thread and tell us about…

  • What motivated you to enroll in our Certification program?
  • What skills and/or knowledge have you learned after completing the program?
  • How have our certifications helped you familiarize with the Katalon Platform?
  • How have our certifications impacted your work or career?
  • Any tips & tricks for fellow testers who are also working towards a certificate?
  • Any challenges you encountered while working towards our certification and how you overcame it

… just to name a few.

What would I get in return?

We are glad you asked. Well, aside from the recognition and admiration from other members and the innate satisfaction of being able to support others through your story; the top three stories with the highest number of reactions (both on the forum and on your own social media platform e.g Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) will also receive…

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… as our way of wishing you an exciting and fulfilling journey ahead.

We look forward to your insightful and inspirational sharings below! :sunglasses:
Katalon Academy team

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Hi all,
I learnt lot using katalon, it’s one of the best automation tool, i have automated Salesforce kind of application and SOAP UI API testing,
I have overcome with more challenging tasks

  1. Handling multiple iframes ,
  2. Handled Braintree objects ,& velocity objects
    3.handled multiple windows
  3. Set masked text & enhanced click keywords helped me for some of the tasks.
  4. Global variables are very usefull, we can use the variables for different tasks

Katalon certifications helped me to learn and overcome these kind of challenges.

Thank you katalon for this wonderful certifications


Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It encourages us and other users continue the learning spirit and celebrate our giving back practive towards our community! Much appreciated!

Hi there @akshayhiremath.s

Feel free to share your story on your own social media to get even more reactions :wink:

I started using Katalon last 2020 and during that time it helped me to transition from Manual tester to Automation Tester. During that time I only have the documentations and youtube video to rely on with regards on how to use Katalon in different types of testing (Web and Mobile). Even though I have transferred to another role (Training Specialist), I am still using Katalon as my Automation Tool for LMS Administration.

One of my counterpart received from abroad had received queries on how to obtain certification in Katalon. This lead me to research about it and eventually was lead to This made me excited to get the certifications. After completing the Practitioner and Professional Certification, I was able to learn regarding the enhancements made on Katalon itself (for example the option to merge the locators created during web recording), how to use Katalon TestCloud on Scheduling Test Runs, and how to setup Test Op Agent to Run KRE. At first I had challenges on doing some of the tasks that I am not familiar with but with the help of the Katalon Community Forum I was able to accomplish the tasks. I am planning to share what I have learned on the Certification Programs to all automation testers in our company and guide them on how to get the certifications if the want to.

I would also like to thank Thao Thi Thu Nguyen for helping me to extend the Test Cloud Free Trial.

Kudos to those who have contributed on creating the Certification Programs as well as those who have shared their knowledge on the Community Forums.


I’ve been using KSE since late 2020. Enrolling in the certification program gave me the opportunity to validate my existing skills, add new tool knowledge and gain meaningful certifications. The certifications helped push me out of my comfort zone and acquire new skills including mobile and CI/CD integration. This allowed me to increase my knowledge of KSE and improve my current testing process. I believe the certifications demonstrate my commitment to improving my skills through continuous learning. I’d like to thank the entire Katalon team for their commitment, help, and answering my questions throughout the certification process. I truly appreciate the support and also stepping outside the standard multiple-choice tests and allowing people to acquire skills-based certification. It’s a great way to learn, retain, and actively use the knowledge!


This is really a message that made our day @rodel.agpaoa, our team is trying to support practitioners with all possible resources. This program is not only certification but also more like appreciation to all community users who have been here with us from Day 1. These messages keep us move forward and thank you for the kind words. Feel free to share/reach out if you come up with any cool suggestions. Have a great day!

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Hi @david.sorg, I know that you are committed to this learning path and a great user of our community. We are elated to see your comment here and you are totally correct. All of the efforts is to ensure we get your back and support you on the lifelong learning process. This activity is actually to inspire more and more users coming in and embrace this community spirit and carry on the tradition. Thanks for being such an advocate!

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Anytime, @rodel.agpaoa :wink:. And thanks for all the kind words. Looking forward to continuing helping more and more of your testing members grow further in this exciting journey!

Hi All,
I enrolled in the Katalon Certification program driven by my passion for software testing and the need to enhance my automation skills. After completion, I gained advanced techniques in test script development and integrating Katalon Studio. These certifications positively impacted my work and career, and I advise fellow testers to practice hands-on and utilize available resources. Despite challenges, leveraging the Katalon community and support team helped me overcome obstacles. Thank you for this opportunity


Hello Every One!,
I learnt lot using katalon, it’s one of the best automation tool for those who don not know coding or less coding knowledge, i have automated web sites related projects testing,
I have overcome with more challenging tasks
Profile features are very useful.
Handling multiple iframes ,Handled velocity objects
Set masked text & enhanced click keywords helped me for some of the testcases in safari browser.
Global variables are very usefull, we can use the variables for different tasks/testcases
Katalon certifications helped me to learn and overcome these kind of challenges.
learn more and explore for better use.
Thank you katalon for this great certifications


Hi folks,

Great news! The deadline for you to share and collect reactions for your stories has been extended to 2023-06-02T16:59:00Z. We will update the main post to reflect the change!

And remember, if you do decide to share your stories on social media, please include a link to your social post as well! :wink:

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Hello the community members and my fellow Katalon users,

I want to share my incredible experience of receiving the professional-level Katalon certificate. Back in 2020, I started using Katalon as my preferred test automation solution, and it quickly became an integral part of my work as an instructor. As someone who always aims to cover areas that are less visited and provide unique insights through my courses, this certificate program proved to be immensely valuable in creating my courses and selecting relevant topics to teach.

One of the main reasons I decided to enroll in this program was my desire to explore and conduct more experiments with the Katalon platform. I have always been motivated to push the boundaries of my knowledge and skills, and this certification program offered me the perfect opportunity to do so.

Throughout the certification journey, I experienced significant growth in my working knowledge of Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE). The program was comprehensive and provided in-depth coverage of various aspects of Katalon, enabling me to gain a holistic understanding of its capabilities and features. From test authoring to reporting, Katalon as a whole proved to be a one-stop solution for all my testing activities.

I must emphasize that the practical nature of the certification program was one of its standout features. It not only covered theoretical concepts but also focused on real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises. This approach allowed me to apply my newly acquired knowledge directly to practical situations, enhancing my skills and confidence in using Katalon effectively.

For my fellow testers who are considering enrolling in the Katalon certification program, I have a few tips and tricks to share. Firstly, diversify your knowledge base by exploring and familiarizing yourself with each area and feature that Katalon offers. By doing so, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of the platform and its capabilities. Secondly, don’t shy away from experimenting and trying out different approaches in your test automation projects. Practical knowledge gained through hands-on experience is always more valuable than theoretical knowledge alone.

In conclusion, receiving my professional-level Katalon certificate has been a remarkable experience. It has not only enhanced my understanding of Katalon Studio Enterprise but also empowered me to create comprehensive courses. I highly recommend this certification program to anyone looking to expand their expertise in test automation and leverage the full potential of Katalon.

Checkout the linkedIn post here.


Wow @kirankukreja51, thank you for putting so much effort into sharing your experience and useful tips with us and others! We hope the certification will greatly boost your creditability in the training career. Now that you have the professional certification, any plan to get the expert level and put it into your collection?