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I am Nghi Hua @nghi.hua, but you can also call me Koji. I am current responsible for the development of Katalon TrueTest, and I am here to address any questions you may have about TrueTest and its innovative approach.

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While there will not be anyone from our Cloud Studio team joining AKA this time, we want to let you know that you can still create a topic in the Katalon Cloud Studio and get answers from either @nhi.knguyen or @quyen.huynh (albeit a bit slower).

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Hi @nghi.hua ,

There is a problem from users not finding TrueTest Beta you please help take a look at: TrueTest Configuration (Beta) is not available for me in the Organization setup page in TestOps from @srivarshini.vathsan. Thank you!

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We are excited to share with you that AKA has been extended until 2024-03-12T16:59:00Z to give you more time to share your questions and have them answered by our Product team! :tada:

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I have a simple question regarding how TrueTest works, hopefully @nghi.hua can help me answer it.

TrueTest operates by embedding a JavaScript code snippet into an application, enabling it to capture and analyze how end users interact with the application in real time. This process allows TrueTest to accurately map out user journeys, identify key user flows, and generate detailed test cases based on these interactions. Once these test cases are created, they can be seamlessly executed using Katalon’s TestOps or Katalon Studio, offering testers a comprehensive and efficient toolset for ensuring software quality. This integration not only streamlines the testing process but also enhances the accuracy and relevance of test cases, ensuring they reflect genuine user behaviors and preferences.

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Thank you very much @nghi.hua for your answer!

Can I get a reset? (Is one needed?)

I finally got my infrastructure team to implement the TrueTest snippets for me; however, I am not getting the same result we in the AUT that we got when we tested in a “docker instance.”

TLDR: we saw it working in the docker instance and Testops, so we wired it to the testing AUT environment (Staging), and although we got a connection, I am not seeing the User session getting generated, and there appears to be one that got “stuck” while generating test cases, maybe? (see screenshots)

Do you think a reset from your end would help me? I kept adding different URLs to the environment, and I could not delete them.

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I believe you can now see the generated result or generate another map without reseting from your end. If you still encounter any issue, please feel free to let me know.

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Hi @nghi.hua,

Can you tell me how the test cases generated by TrueTest are different from traditional automated test cases, such as the ones generated by using Katalon Recorder? Thanks!

The key distinction between TrueTest-generated test cases and traditional automated test cases, like those created with Katalon Recorder, lies in the underlying approach and the source of data used for test creation. Traditional tools like Katalon Recorder typically generate test cases based on predefined user scenarios or manual recordings. These test cases are scripted based on expected user behaviors and paths that testers anticipate or construct.

In contrast, TrueTest introduces a more dynamic and user-centric approach. It captures and analyzes actual user interactions with the software, not just predetermined paths or manually recorded scripts. This means TrueTest’s test cases are derived from real-world user behavior, capturing a wider array of user flows, including those that may not have been anticipated in traditional test scripting. As a result, the test cases generated by TrueTest are inherently more reflective of real user experiences and interactions. They can uncover issues and edge cases that traditional scripted tests might miss, providing a more comprehensive and authentic testing coverage.


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