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Our Ask Katalon Anything activity in June has just started, and once again, we look forward to seeing your questions about everything Katalon-related, from tips, tricks, and best practices, to industry and general questions for our team.

Within this thread, you will be able to ask Viet Nguyen (@viet.nguyen) from our Academy team any questions about the Katalon Certifications Program i.e. how to get started, tips & tricks to get certified, common obstacles that our learners face, etc. As well as future updates for the program.

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  • Start date: 2024-06-04T17:00:00Z
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  • And lastly, don’t forget to have fun :wink:

Meet our team

Viet Nguyen (@viet.nguyen) - Senior Assistant Program Manager
As a Senior Assistant Program Manager, Viet was instrumental in getting the Katalon Certifications Program up and running. He is always on the look for suggestions and feedback to help him improve the program itself, alongside the learning contents on Katalon Academy.

We look forward to receiving your questions!

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Hello, I’m Viet. :sunglasses:

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Hi there @viet.nguyen, I see that some Certification criteria require me to have access to paid Katalon products such as Katalon Runtime Engine, can I get access to them for a short time just to complete my certification without having to pay for them?



Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Hi team, I have gotten the Practitioner certificate, but now I’m not able to get the Professional one as my free Katalon trial has expired. How can I get the Professional certification now?

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Hi @coldplays6371 and @Kumar_Narayanan, welcome to the thread! Since your questions are kinda similar, I will reply to both of you here.

Yes, some criteria require access to paid Katalon solutions. In addition to taking advantage of the trial period, you can leverage the Community’s Kudos Rewards Scheme to get access to the Katalon solutions. Detail here: How to get free access to Katalon solutions for the Certification Program?

Hope this helps.

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Keep them questions coming! :sunglasses:

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Hi @viet.nguyen,

I’m wondering in what way(s) will the new certification criteria that will be introduced next month enhance the training/learning outcomes for us Katalon users? (would the certifications make us stand out more in the job market for example)


Hi there @sangmook.kim, new criteria will be introduced to help users learn more about test automation activities and master more Katalon features for their testing operations. The new certifications will equip users with more practical skills, adding more value to their professional profile. Hope this helps.

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Hi there,

I’m currently working on my Professional certificate, and I wonder which steps I should take before the update to ensure that my existing certificate (Practitioner) remains valid?

And, if I have yet to achieve my Professional certificate by July 1, 2024, then will the introduction of the new criteria mean that my current progress will be affected? (it may go down for example)



Just came across this thread talking about the new update coming to the Certifications program next month, and I saw that you guys are going to put AI into the requirements …

Does this mean that we will have to use Katalon’s AI features to get certified? What if, it requires us to buy a Katalon or OpenAI license? Will the Academy team support us on that?


Hi @viet.nguyen, can you take a look at Manoranjan’s and Jon’s questions? Thanks.

Hi @Manoranjan,

  1. Any certification earned before July 1 will still remain valid for 2 years from the issue date. So no actions/steps are needed to be taken for your Practitioner certification. It will continue to remain valid.

  2. After July 1, the Professional Certification will have a set of criteria, including some of the current criteria and some new ones. Your current product data will stay the same (no reset), you will need to use the required solutions to meet the new criteria.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Jon_Robinson, some AI features require you licenses to certain Katalon solutions. For example, you will need to use Katalon Studio Enterprise to use StudioAssist.

You can either leverage the trial period or our Community’s Kudos Rewards Scheme to earn access to certain Katalon products: How to get free access to Katalon solutions for the Certification Program?

Hope this helps.

What do you do to make this criterion count? Test results on Katalon TestOps: 0/50

Hi anh @viet.nguyen,

More users are facing this error of 0/50 progress:

Please help review anh

Hi everyone, lately I’ve been facing multiple issue on my process of getting the katalon certification. I’ve noticed my progress for Practitioner Level, Professional Level and Expert Level doesn’t reflect even after 2 days. Below is the screenshot:-

  • Test results on Katalon TestOps: 0/50
  • Test executions on Katalon TestCloud through TestOps: 0/3

I’ve run the test case in Katalon Platform and use the Katalon Testcloud.

  • Test results on Katalon TestOps: 0/100
  • Visual testing checkpoints: 0/10
  • Test run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine: 0/5

I’ve run the test case using TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine but not progress shown after 2 days

.- Test results on Katalon TestOps: 0/250

  • TestCloud Tunnel configuration for executions in a private domain: 0/1

I’ve managed to execute TestCloud Tunnel using private domain for multiple time. The connect towards are successful and test suite successfully executed. However, after 2 days, things not reflected in Expert certification progress

I do really need Katalon Team helps urgently for me to achieve all these certifications.

I have the same issue as well. Others are updated except that