[Coming soon] Ask Katalon Anything June 2024 🚀

Hi everyone @trust_level_0, :wave:

We are thrilled to share that Ask Katalon Anything will be returning to our forum in June! :tada:

This AMA-style activity is your chance to receive answers on everything Katalon-related, from tips and tricks and best practices when using the Katalon Platform, to industry questions and general questions about the participants (whom we will share with you soon).

If you already know what you are going to ask, then simply share your questions with us below :point_down:!

Stay tuned as we will share more information with you in the coming days!


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Hi folks @trust_level_0, :wave:

Today, we are sharing with you more sneak peeks into our upcoming AKA, including:

  • Which topics/themes will be featured in the AKA?
  • And, who from Katalon will be joining us?


A few weeks ago, we made a poll asking you which to vote on the topics that you were looking forward to at this AKA, and with more than 190 votes, we are delighted to share with you the 5 topics that are going to be covered:

  • Katalon Studio x Integrations & Setup
  • Web Testing
  • API Testing
  • Katalon Certifications
  • Mobile Testing

Meet the team

This AKA is a special one, as it is the first one that our KShare contributors (who also come from our Product Support team) participate in, and they are very eager to share their knowledge & expertise from their experiences of supporting our Enterprise clients.

From our Product Support team

Bhavyansh Caryln profile pic Hani Vo profile
Bhavyansh Ameta (@bhavyansh.ameta) - Junior Product Support Specialist Caryln (@thi.thai) - Product Support Specialist at Katalon Hani Vo (@hani.vo) - Junior Product Support Specialist
Bhavyansh is a Junior Product Support Specialist at Katalon who utilizes his technical expertise to assist users with intelligent solutions. His passion for delivering exceptional support is not just about providing answers but fostering a positive and empowering user experience. Caryln enjoys offering support and assisting our clients with technical issues and questions, as well as sharing her knowledge and experiences with the wider Katalon Community. She is always available to assist users if they have questions or concerns with Katalon products, and she strives to make sure our users have a positive testing experience. With prior experiences as Quality Assurance, Hani brings her technical expertise to Katalon as a Junior Product Support Specialist. She is dedicated to empowering Katalon users by providing informative solutions, helpful tips, and a positive user experience to ensures they can get the most out of the Katalon platform.
Jordan profile pic Chris
Jordan Bartley (@jordan.bartley) - Product Support Specialist Quan Trinh - Chris (@quan.trinh) - Product Support Specialist
Jordan has worked in Quality Assurance, Automated Testing, and Specialist Support roles for several years before joining Katalon. Through his experience, he shows an innate desire to assist clients, take on challenging problems, and work cross functionally with team members to create new solutions. Quan (Chris) is a Product Support Specialist who has offered informative and insightful advice to Katalon users worldwide for years. He is devoted to sustaining your testing journey with Katalon. No limits!!!

From our Academy team

Viet Nguyen (@viet.nguyen) - Senior Assistant Program Manager
As a Senior Assistant Program Manager, Viet was instrumental in getting the Katalon Certifications Program up and running. He is always on the look for suggestions and feedback to help him improve the program itself, alongside the learning contents on Katalon Academy.

We cannot wait to see you at our next AKA. And remember, if you have already had your question(s) in mind, then go ahead and share them with us in this thread :point_down:


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