Try out some new AI-powered features on our forum! 🤖

Hi Community members, :wave:

As our Product team at Katalon has introduced several AI-powered features i.e. StudioAssist, TrueTest, Manual Test Case Generation with Jira, etc. to supercharge your testing efficiency, we at Katalon Community team will also be implementing some helpful AI features (courtesy of our platform vendor, Discourse) to help you to format your topic and search for topics better, enabling you to get to your needed solutions more efficiently.

Some of the AI features that has been enabled on our forum are:

:sparkles: AI Helper :sparkles:

Consider AI Helper as your personal writing and reading assistant for when you are creating your topics or replies, and reading others’ topics and posts respectively.

Depending on where you are in our forum, you will be able to access different functions of AI Helper (you will know that it is an AI Helper function with the “:sparkles:” icon.

How AI Helper assist you in the composer

Within the composer, AI Helper will be able to help you with:

  • Suggesting a suitable title, tags, or category for your topic,
  • Proofreading your texts,
  • Translate your texts into English (if they are initially in a different language), and vice versa, and
  • Generate a markdown table

See some of the functions above in action below :point_down:

1. Suggest suitable titles, tags, and categories for your topics

:pushpin: Please note that your topic should have at least 10 words for AI Helper to be able to analyze the content and give you appropriate suggestions.

2. Translate other languages to English

3. Translate text from English to other languages

4. Generate new textual content based on prompt

5. Proofread texts

6. Generate a markdown table

How AI Helper help you when reading topics/posts

1. Explain text

This function could come in useful whenever you encounter a phrase or sentence on the forum that seems complex, or that it refer to some concepts/knowledge that you have yet known.

2. Translate text to English

3. Translate text from English to other languages using prompt

This feature could be handy for our forum members whose English is not your first language.

:mag: AI Search :mag:

This feature helps you to find the most relevant topics using semantic textual similarity that are beyond an exact keyword match used by traditional search. In some case, you may encounter results that are non-exact matches but are still relevant to the initial search.

To access this feature, you would need to go to the Full-page/Advanced Search UI :point_down:

:pushpin: Important notes :pushpin:

  1. These set of features will be accessible for TL2 members and up, along with our admin and moderator team. → This helps us to control cost (since we are charged on a per-usage basis each time an AI function is carried out).

  2. AI Helper does not always provide 100% accurate results, especially when translating from English to uncommon languages and vice versa.

  3. As with all other AI assistants or generative AI chatbots, sometimes AI Helper may hallucinate its answers and thus, provide you with an inaccurate response. Hence, we advise you to do additional research to cross-check with AI Helper’s responses, especially when you are writing tips & tricks topics, or those that require a high level of academic research.

  4. Please let us know if you run into the “500 Error” or “Internal Server Error” pop up when using these features, as they may indicate that we have ran out of our usage quota, or that a component within the feature needs updating.


Some frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How does AI Helper work within the Composer? Why am I not seeing the :sparkles: icon?

AI Helper uses text content (minimum 10 words) within Composer and passes that context to a Large Language Model (LLM) to generate topic titles/tags/categories/etc. → We are using OpenAI GPT 3.5 Turbo.

2. How does the “Explain” feature work?

It uses the context of the topic title, post, and the words highlighted and passes that context to an LLM which helps explain the selected text

3. Will there be more AI-powered features coming to our forum?

Yes, we will continue to work with our vendor, Discourse, on implementing AI features that we believe will be beneficial to you on our forum, alongside updating the existing features with more enhancements and updated functionalities.

Another small AI enhancement that you may have missed: Related Topics

This mini-feature helps you find the most relevant topics to read after finishing reading a topic. These recommended topics are recommended using semantic textual similarity between the current topic you are reading and all other topics on the forum. This helps you to discover similar, even relevant topics, which is great if you are looking for answers/solutions to an issue that you are having.

See Related Topics in action below :point_down: