Ask Katalon Anything June 2024 🚀

Hi everyone @trust_level_0 :wave:

Our Ask Katalon Anything June 2024 is officially live! :tada:

This is a great opportunity for you to engage with our team members and dive deep into any questions you may have about Katalon Studio (integrations and/or setting up the tool), Web & API Testing, or how to boost your career with our Katalon Certifications Program, and more.

Read more below to learn how our AKA works! :point_down:

1. Timeframe :alarm_clock:

  • Start date: 2024-06-04T17:00:00Z
  • End date: 2024-06-19T16:59:00Z

2. How our AKA work?

Similar to our last AKA event, all of the questions will go to either thread below:

:pushpin: For questions regarding Katalon Studio, Integrations & Setup, Web/API/Mobile Testing, please go to: [AKA Jun '24] Katalon Studio | Integrations | Web/API/Mobile Testing 💬

:pushpin: For questions regarding the Katalon Certifications Program, please go to: [AKA Jun '24] Katalon Certifications 🎓

There will be guidelines provided in both threads, please make sure to follow them to ensure a smooth and productive event for everyone! :wink:

We will be providing a recap of all the questions and answers in our AKA after each week.

3. Celebrate Ask Katalon Anything and get extra Kudos! :sparkles:

From now till Jun 19, 2024, you can either:

1. Help us spread the word about AKA:

  • Share this thread on one of your social media platforms of choice with the following hashtags: #kataloncommunity & #askkatalonanything (we will leave the caption to you), and
  • Reply to this thread with a link to your social post.


2. Engage with others on our forum:

→ Members who complete all the steps from either option will get 300 Kudos added to their accounts, which you can then use to exchange for gifts from our teams!

*You do not need to participate in AKA in order to receive 300 Kudos.

What if I complete both options above?

Then you will simply get double the Kudos = 600 Kudos!

:information_source: Our gifts range from eGift Cards, to 3-6 months of Katalon usage. For more information, please refer to this thread: Getting Started (Part 6) - Get rewarded for your contribution with the Kudos Rewards Program! 🏆

We hope you have an enjoyable AKA with our teams!
Katalon Community team

:information_source: If English is not your first language, then don’t worry, you can use our forum’s AI feature to translate others’s questions from English to your native language and vice versa. Learn more here: Try out some new AI-powered features on our forum! 🤖

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Hi here is my post on social platform for the hashtags - Shared this Thread on My LinkedIn

Thanks to the awesome community for having such events.

  1. Engage with others on forum:

Please note URL of my posts:

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