[New Release] Introducing TrueTest™ - Effortless AI-Powered Regression Testing

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Hi Community members, :wave:

Regression testing is a necessary process that grows over time sucking away larger amounts of testing capacity as applications grow in features and capability. Having said that, today we are introducing TrueTest™ - the newest AI-powered addition to the Katalon Platform - that will enable quality engineering teams to stay ahead of the curve, ensure software quality, and drive innovation without compromising on speed.

:pushpin: How TrueTest™ works is simple: It maps how users actually use an app and then uses AI to automatically create AND maintain the regression tests needed to ensure coverage and quality.

To learn more about TrueTest™, vist our blog post below … :point_down:

… or you can join our Beta Program by filling in the form below.

:information_source: Learn how to set up TrueTest™ at: Autonomous test generation with Katalon TrueTest | Katalon Docs
:information_source: Learn more about Katalon’s AI capabilities at: Supercharge Testing with Katalon's AI-Powered Features


This is really cool stuff guys.

We arent in Kansas anymore…

Thanks to all our Beta Testers !


Look forward to trying this out. Looks very exciting.