[Community Award 2023] Liberty Latin America - Client Innovator of The Year 🏆

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Our next award - Client Innovator of the Year - goes to Liberty Latin America (with @maurice.walle as their representative) for their active contribution to Katalon’s product development.

Their keen insights into software testing workflows and challenges, coupled with their proactive attitudes, have transformed our collaboration into a fruitful and enjoyable experience, and one that has enabled us address users’ needs and improve their experiences via innovative features such as TrueTest, and continuous enhancements to the Katalon Platform.

Below are some thoughts from the team at Liberty Latin America about our collaboration together: :point_down:

1. Can you let us know a bit about Liberty Latin America?

Liberty Latin America (LLA) - (NASDAQ: LILA and LILAK, OTC Link: LILAB) - is a leading telecom company that serves over 20 countries in Latin Amercia and the Caribbean. We operate under different consumer brands such as Flow, Liberty Communications, Más Móvil, BTC and Liberty Costa Rica.

Our QA & Automation team oversees and enhance all testing processes and tools for LLA’s operating companies. We aim to ensure the quality and efficiency of our products and services.

2. How did Liberty Latin America come across the Katalon Platform, and why did LLA decide to adopt it for your testing activities?

Our team discovered Katalon Studio when we were using Selenium for most of our automation testing activities. Our first project was to migrate our Selenium scripts to Katalon, which was relatively easy. This was one of the factors that influenced our decision to adopt the Katalon Platform. We chose the Katalon Platform as our preferred QA automation tool because of its user-friendliness and low-code approach, which allowed us to quickly train and empower our large team to automate their testing tasks.

3. How has the Katalon Platform help your team with your testing activities?

With the Katalon Platform, we aim to automate all of our end-to-end regression tests for each and every of our territories and operating companies. We achieved a milestone this year by automating 100% of the full regression for one of our stacks for a specific operating company. We also spent the last four months of the year on automating the regression for our e-commerce solution and reached 45% automation so far, which cut down the regression execution time by 60%. Currently, we have 66% automation across all operating companies. This has enabled us to reduce regression timeframes in many territories from days to only hours.

4. Which aspect(s) did you like the most when working with the Katalon team on the Katalon Platform and TrueTest?

We value the comradery among our LLA QA team and the Katalon team. We work as one team regardless of the company we belong to. We have collaborated on various challenges that we encountered when automating tests for Salesforce and other platforms. Together, we have and are continue to overcome most of them.

TrueTest is an amazing quality engineering tool that is leading the way in the QA space with AI technology. It handles time-consuming tasks so we can focus on the important aspects of QA. We have just started our journey with TrueTest, but we are already seeing great results. We will keep beta testing it to learn how to use it effectively in our environment.

5. What would you advise other users to do when facing a technical issue?

Before you report an issue, make sure it is not a false alarm. Then, describe the issue clearly and identify its root cause. Next, invite your team members to brainstorm for possible solutions. Finally, evaluate the solutions and choose the best one for your organization or your team, considering the effort and resources required.

6. How do you think your collaboration with the Katalon team can benefit the whole Katalon user community?

We know that our success and the Katalon team’s success are tied together. That is why we regularly catch up, review, and discuss how to solve the automation challenges we face together. These discussions have led to many enhancements to the Katalon toolset, such as TestOps/XRay integration, TrueTest improvements, bug fixes in Studio, TestOps, and TestCloud, and more. These enhancements have benefited not only us but also the whole community of Katalon Platform users. We appreciate the Katalon team for being so agile and responsive to our needs.

Thank you very much Liberty Latin America, and we hope that our collaboration will remain fruitful in the years to come.

Katalon Community team

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