Introducing the New and Improved TrueTest™️ From Katalon


Hi Community members, :wave:

Our Product team is excited to share with you some the latest updates on TrueTest, our innovative product designed to revolutionize the way you approach regression testing by using AI to generate user flow-based test cases from real user interactions in applications.

TrueTest has undergoned a 6-month beta program journey with over 400 participants who provided valuable feedback and insights for improving the product. Some of the most notable improvements are:

  • An enhanced onboarding process that accelerates the integration of TrueTest with applications, and

  • A new test generation process that maximize user flow coverage and automatically generates parameterized and validated tests with visual assertions.

And, there are more. Mai Le (@mai.le), our TrueTest’s Product Manager, has detailed a lot more enhancements and under-the-hood improvements in here blog post below :point_down:

Experience the enhanced TrueTest – a tool designed to illuminate real-world application usage and elevate your testing strategies by joining our Beta Program today!

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