[Webinar] Introducing TrueTest™: AI-powered Regression Testing

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Hi Community members, :wave:

Following the announcement of TrueTest™, we are also hosting a webinar where we will show you how to automate regression testing with Katalon TrueTest™, a tool that uses AI to create and update tests based on real user behavior.

Join us on October 19th, 2023 for a technical deep-dive webinar where you will learn:

  • How AI copilots can help developers write code faster and why you need to update your regression tests regularly

  • How TrueTest captures and maps the user journeys that matter most for your application quality

  • How TrueTest generates and maintains zero-maintenance regression tests that reflect the actual user flows in production

  • How TrueTest frees you from the burden of regression testing and lets you focus on testing new features

  • How TrueTest integrates seamlessly with the Katalon Platform

Don’t miss this opportunity to see TrueTest in action and ask questions to our experts. Register now and get the recording if you can’t attend live.

Our speakers

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Mai Le - Senior Product Manager Coty Rosenblath - Chief Technology Officer Alex Martins - Vice President of Strategy
Mai Le is a seasoned Senior Product Manager at Katalon AI, guiding the creation and improvement of AI capabilities on the Katalon Platform. She knows the software industry inside and out, having tackled its challenges head-on for more than fifteen years. Armed with a Master’s degree in Data Science, she is passionate about employing the most recent advancements in AI technology to empower our customers, facilitating a work environment that is not only efficient but also sparks innovation. Coty is the CTO at Katalon, Inc. and has led engineering teams at startups, public, and private companies in industries ranging from financial services (including the first all-internet bank in the United States) to healthcare to augmented reality. At Katalon, he focuses on providing a comprehensive automation platform to support teams of all sizes. Alex is a seasoned leader in the technology industry with extensive international business experience in agile software engineering, continuous testing, and DevOps. Starting out as a developer and then moving into software testing, Alex rose through the ranks to build and lead quality engineering practices across multiple enterprise companies from different industries around the world. Throughout his career, Alex has led the transformation of testing and quality assurance practices, as well as designing enhanced organizational structures to support the culture change necessary for successful adoption of modern software engineering approaches such as Agile and DevOps, and how these are being further transformed with Generative AI.

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Hi folks, :wave:

Thank you very much for joining in our webinar last week.

For those of you who could not joined, you can find the recording of the webinar below :point_down:

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A thread with all the questions and answers during the webinar session is now available below: