TrueTest Configuration (Beta) is not available for me in the Organization setup page in TestOps

Hello Katalon Team,

Am currently doing a POC with Katalon community version (trial) to research if TrueTest would be best apt for my web application testing. Where when am supposed to Setup Katalon AI agent but I dont find the TrueTest configuration (Beta) in the left pane…

am I missing any presteps, please suggest

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Thank you for letting us know your problem. From the doc guiding Set up Katalon AI Agent, I see there are a couple of requirements as the following:

Are you qualified for these?

@srivarshini.vathsan - Only Org Admin or Org Owner can see the TrueTest setting and configure TrueTest. Could you check if you qualified that condition?

Yes after becoming Org Owner am able to see the TruTest(Beta)

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