[New Releases] Katalon Platform Update - Jan 31, 2024

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today, we are announcing the January 31, 2024 update to the Katalon Platform which brings many new features and enhancements as below.

1. Create Test

We are delighted to announce Katalon Studio version 9.3.0 with the following new features and enhancements:

New features

  • You can now log into Studio with SAML SSO and custom domain SSO


  • We now support WebUI.Authenticate keyword on macOS and Linux with Chrome, Edge Chromium, and Firefox.

  • [Web Recorder]

    • You can now record the Set Text action in Rich Text Editor. The input of Set Text in Rich Text Editor includes the HTML tags (outer HTML).
      • The content we support:
        • normal text
        • bold, italic, underline, link
        • font, size, color
        • image (partially - some temp image links might not work)
        • special characters
    • While rich text editors appear in a lot of forms, we have tested them on these pages:
  • Support using WebUI.getText keyword on Rich Text Editor. The output of this keyword is plain text only (inner HTML).

  • Support capturing and highlighting elements when switching to another tab or window. When there is a new browser tab or window open, you can:

    • Capture XPath in the new tab/window precisely.
    • Verify and Highlight newly captured objects normally.
  • Improved the mechanism for generating heavy HTML reports (reports with a large number of screenshots or heavy screenshots). To avoid issues arising, for large executions, you might want to reduce the number of screenshots taken and avoid taking full-page screenshots. The recommended size for an HTML report is under 512MB.

    • You might encounter the error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space if exceeding the limit.
    • HTML report from the size of 512MB might not be rendered and displayed well, however, the HTML report still includes full information about test execution.

:information_source: For a more comprehensive list of new features, bug fixes and limitations, please visit our documentation at: Katalon Studio Release Notes: Version 9.x | Katalon Docs

2. Organize

New features

  • We have introduced a CLI (Command Line Interface) application named katalon-cli under Docker Image format. The Docker Image is available on Docker Hub and can be utilized to:
    • Trigger TestOps schedules by schedule IDs
    • Trigger TestOps schedules by naming patterns

This enables you to trigger TestOps schedules directly from you CI/CD pipeline, facilitating streamlined and automated DevOps/testing processes.

2024-01-30 15-26-08

:information_source: For more details, please refer to this documentation: Katalon CLI | Katalon Docs

3. Administration

New features

  • AI Control at the Account level: In the Account Settings, the Account Owner now has a new ability to enable or disable all AI-powered features in their account to ensure their members comply with the company’s specific policies regarding AI usage. By default, the setting is enabled to allow the use of AI-powered features.

  • Organizations at the Account level: This new view helps quickly view all organizations in your account and each organization’s general information. This page also replaces the Account Homepage and becomes a starting point when you log in to TestOps.

:information_source: For more details, please refer to our documentation at: Katalon TestOps Release Notes | Katalon Docs

4. Analyze

New features

  • [Test Run Detail Report] Preview Jira issue information when hovering on linked defects on the Test Results list without navigating to Jira.
  • [Failed Test Results] Display all exceptions from all Test Results and provide more filter options.
  • Disabled Virtual Data Analyst from generating insights if disallowed based on configurations from Account Settings.

5. Execute

New features

  1. Introducing a new user interface (UI) for the test runs list within the Execution section, now referred to as ‘History’.

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to the TestOps that aims to streamline your experience in the Execution section. Through careful consideration and insightful feedback from both our internal testers and valued customers, we have identified several pain points that hindered efficient navigation and task completion. Today, we unveil a solution that addresses these challenges and significantly improves the overall user experience.

Problem: Our users faced numerous frictions within the Execution section, impacting their ability to track test executions, manage sessions, and efficiently utilize TestCloud resources. Key issues included difficulty finding recent test executions, lack of session status tracking, absence of notifications for running sessions, and an inefficient test run calendar, among others.

Solution: In response to these challenges, we introduced the new “History” view within the Execution section. This revamped UI is designed to provide a more intuitive and efficient way to manage test runs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • New UI for Test Run List: Easily access and track all created test runs in the Execution section.
  • Quick Status Filtering: Efficiently filter test run status to stay informed about their progress.
  • Integrated Failed test results/Session Details: View failed test results and session details alongside the test run list, eliminating the need to navigate to another page.
  • Termination of Test Runs and Cancellation of sessions: Quickly terminate multiple running test runs or cancel running/queued sessions directly from the History view.
  • TestCloud Awareness: Stay informed about running/queued TestCloud sessions and the total TestCloud paid sessions.
  • Quick Schedule Test Run: Effortlessly locate the ‘Schedule Test Run’ button across the four primary tabs of Execution: History, Calendar, Schedules, and Application Repository for swift scheduling.

What’s Included in History:

  • Test runs created by clicking “Run” or “Rerun” buttons.
  • Test runs triggered automatically by TestOps from a test schedule.

  1. Updated to the latest browser version for Windows, Linux and macOS (Chrome 120) (Firefox 120) (Edge Chromium 120) (Safari 17) for TestCloud environments in TestOps and Katalon Studio

  1. [TestOps] Execute tests in TestCloud with test script repository uploaded by zip file

When users upload a script repository in a zip file format, you can seamlessly execute these tests in TestCloud from TestOps, just as you would with a Git repository.


  1. [TestOps] You can run test suite collection in TestCloud with pre-configured retry setting for each test suite from Katalon Studio

Context: Currently, when executing test suite collection in TestCloud from TestOps, TestCloud automatically overrides by param -retry=0 although user has configured retry is not 0 in Katalon Studio.

With this release, TestCloud will keep the retry value has been configured for each test suite from Katalon Studio.

  1. Mobile testing can be executed successfully with mobile devices that are compatible with Appium 2.x

Execute successfully mobile testing in TestCloud environments using mobile devices compatible with Appium 2.x, including iOS 17 and newer, while running with KRE 8.6.8 and above.

  1. [TestOps] Enable to execute tests in TestCloud with KRE 9.2

There are certain issues while executing tests in TestCloud using KRE 9.0 and KRE 9.1. To address these, we are currently enabling KRE 9.2, which has resolved all the existing issues. KRE 9.2 will now be designated as the default ‘latest’ version of KRE.

  1. Introduced an API to upload/create and conduct a mobile native app execution in TestCloud environments

  2. Enhanced the toast notification that is displayed upon successful creation of a test run

Context: The toast message flashes while the screen is loading and not yet created the test run successfully. It’s difficult to be aware and track the test run has just been created.

With this release, when you:

  • Click Run/Schedule/Save Configuration in Schedule Test Run dialog
  • or Click Run button :arrow_forward: from an existing schedule


  • A pop-up displays on the top right corner during 10 seconds: “You have created a new execution. View [test run name].” with :regional_indicator_x: button to close the message.
  • Action is Run → The link will redirect you to History.
  • Action is Schedule/Save Configuration → The link will redirect you to Schedules.
  1. Changed the icon and tooltip for test run with Private/Local Testing mode in TestCloud

Now when you hover on the icon, it will display “Private/Local Testing”.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our documentation at: Katalon TestCloud Release Notes | Katalon Docs

6. TrueTest

New features

  • We have adjusted the core of TrueTest to generate flows and test cases that most accurately reflect the way end users interact with the AUT. Specifically:
    • TrueTest will receive user sessions (the way users interact with their AUT), analyze them, and generate all True Flows which most accurately reflect the user sessions.

    • The bot will not participate in validating how flows are generated anymore. In later releases, the bot will play a role that assists TrueTest to fill out variable’s value in the generated test cases.

  • Use custom script to assist TrueTest in logging into a test environment. TrueTest previously encountered difficulty when trying to login into test environments by itself. So now it would need assistance from users who will develop a login automated script and provide it to TrueTest. This aims to reduce errors when generating flows and test cases, and increase the “passed“ results when executing TrueTest test cases.


:information_source: To view our past releases, simplay navigate to the new-release tag or go to our Katalon Community Hub