Error while updating webdriver

Hello @All, How to solve the below error while updating the driver?
Update Chrome WebDriver
Updating web driver…
[ERROR] Error HTTP 404 executing testing/121.0.6167.184/win64/
[INFO] Clearing WebDriverManager resolution cache
[WARN] Exception writing resolution cache as a properties file java.lang.NullPointerException [WARN] There was an error managing chromedriver 121.0.6167.184 (Error HTTP 404 executing … trying again
avoiding reading release from repository
[DEBUG] Detecting chrome version using online
[DEBUG] Running command on the shell: [cmd.exe, /C, wmic, datafile, where, name=“%PROGRAMFILES:=\%\Google\Chrome\ \Application\chrome.exe”, get, Version, /value]
[DEBUG] Result: Version=121.0.6167.185
[DEBUG] Getting driver version for chrome121 from online
Updating web driver… (1/1)
Warning: There are some errors during “Updating web driver…”. The results may not be as expected.
Runs: 1/1
Passes: 0
Failures: 0
Errors: 1
Skips: 0
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Look this page Support for "Chrome for Testing" in Katalon Studio - #3 by kazurayam

Try this: My katalon version is 8.6.8. Im unable to update my webdrive chrome - #2 by Dave_Evers

The above 2 workarounds seem like they don’t really solve the root issue, just put a band aid on it.

If we either manually unzip a previous version of webdriver or use chrome for testing, it really breaks a huge part of the appeal of Katalon (Wrapping selenium and making it more user friendly).

I really hope Katalon addresses this with a minor version update soon as this is pretty disruptive.


I would like to invite you to the club of the frustrateds:



Recently they put their development efforts into the fashionable AI-Powerd features like this. I guess that the developers are busy. They left many outstanding issues in the backlog.


I’m also experiencing this issue, and waiting on Katalon team to fix this!

Also getting the “[ERROR] Error HTTP 500 executing” … since this failure causes the auto-updater to drop back down to Chrome 114 all tests now fail since local Chrome is 122…

Hi all,

We are sorry to hear that you have been encountering issues with updating Chrome WebDriver to use with Katalon Studio.

Our Product team has confirmed that a hotfix for this issue will be released soon by the end of this month (please see the comment below for more information).

In the meantime, @Elly_Tran has also shared a temporary workaround until the issue is fixed in her comment below :point_down:


The workaround Chrome For Testing is not acceptable. My customers use the latest versions of Chrome and I need to test with it. It’s unfortunate that Katalon doesn’t maintain their product. Development web drivers are already available for versions 123 and 124 and Katalon should have those versions ready and waiting. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Elly_Tran Any suggestions how to fix this for the Runtime Engine that runs in a Azure DevOps pipeline?




If you are an Enterprise user, you should raise a ticket through the official path: Support Portal .


May I inquire about the ETA for resolving this issue? It was promised to be fixed by the end of February 2024, and today is February 28, 2024. I would like to follow up on the solution.

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I am also facing the same issue…Waiting for the hot fix to deploy soon

We have one day remaining in February 2024, a leap year.

So Katalon just stopped working due to web driver issue, in the same water now.

Hoping that Katalon team will resolve this old blocker issue forver this time otherwiswe we have to look for some other test tool. Not a good thing to face same problem again and again.

until this get fixed, there are some mitigations published at:

workaround 3 should work also for KRE with the corresponding path
better than nothing

Just upgraded to v9.3.1 and webdriver successfully updated to latest version i,e 122.


so, they reached the milestone.
it is still end of February at the moment of writing

After updating Katalon to Version 9.3.1, an Error while Updating the web driver was solved, Thanks all for your suggestions and help

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