[Coming Soon] Ask Katalon Anything - Feb 26 to Mar 04, 2024 🪄

“We are excited to bring back Ask Katalon Anything (AKA) for Q1 2024! :rocket:

Whether you’re a seasoned QA professional, a dedicated developer, or just taking your first steps into automation testing, this is your opportunity to engage with Katalon’s Product Managers (PMs). Feel free to ask them anything related to the Katalon Platform, from our development roadmap, and upcoming features in the work, to the best practices when working with Katalon, and more.

Ask Katalon Anything will come back soon, from 2024-02-25T23:00:00Z to 2024-03-04T16:39:00Z.

Cannot wait till Feb 26? Then simply share your questions below :point_down: and our PMs will answer them in the AKA session! We cannot wait to see you then! :wink:

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Feature request / idea.

Would or is it possible to make time boundary on tests execution (stopping KRE test suites run) and then generate report as “finally” part of execution (with sending it to TestOps)?

Described here: How to stop KRE execution (TS Collection) but allow to generate report after kill signal/timeout?


Are there plans for Katalon StudioAssist to be able to use alternative language models (LLM) such as Google Gemini (formerly known as Bard) or other (free/no-cost) models instead of Chat GPT?


Hi @wbalien @Testinator-X ,

It’s great to hear from you guys this early. Our Product team will engage with you as soon as the event starts on Feb 26. Don’t forget to Going or Interested this event to keep updated with the latest news. See you there!


When running UI tests in Katalon, I understand that API calls are being made at the same time. So, am wondering if there are plans to incorporate performance/load testing capabilities into the Katalon Platform such that someone doesn’t have to use third party tools to get performance insights about their application whose test cases are primarily housed in Katalon Studio?


Hi folks,

Below is a sneak peek of the Product Managers who will be joining Ask Katalon Anything next week!

Meet our Product Managers :wave:

Tri Le Nghi Hua Xuan Tran
Le Van Thanh Tri (@tri.tle) - Product Manager (TestOps) Nghi Hua (@nghi.hua) - Product Manager (TrueTest) Tran Thi Kim Xuan (@xuan.tran) - Product Manager (Katalon Studio)
Win Le is working on the Platform (TestOps) module which handles the end-to-end testing experiences i.e. test organization, planning, execution, and reporting on the Katalon Platform. He is always looking to learn from, and empathize with, Katalon users to further improve our products and services. Nghi, also known as Koji, is a member of the TrueTest product team. One of the key features of TrueTest is its ability to automate the regression testing process. By comprehending and replicating real user behaviors, TrueTest can generate more effective and efficient test cases. Therefore, Nghi looks forward to all of your concerns and feedback about TrueTest. As an Associate Product Manager, Xuan aims to deliver the best user experience for Katalon Studio (KS) users, as well as make KS more powerful and efficient with each release. If you have a question relating to Katalon Studio i.e. best practice, etc., then feel free to mention Xuan in your question.

Feel free to share your questions in the thread if you already have them! Your input is highly valued, and we can’t wait to address them during the Ask Katalon Anything session.

Looking forward to your participation!


Hi all,

AKA is now live! For more information, please refer to the topic below :point_down:

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unable to resolve class internal.GlobalVariable
@ line 13, column 1.
import internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable

I am still getting this bug in katalon version 9.3.0. When can we expect this to be resolved.

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Thank you for letting us hear your voice. Can you please give more information and raise them to Ask Katalon Anything - Feb 26 to Mar 04, 2024 🪄. If it is KS related, post it in KS space here: [AKA] Katalon Studio - Feb 26 to Mar 04, 2024 ✨