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With the launch of our new Katalon Platform and the release of the new Katalon Studio version 8.5.0, we understand you may have some questions regarding the new changes, which is why we’re excited to bring you our first-ever Ask Katalon Anything, an AMA-style series of topics where you can submit your questions to our team regarding feature insights, development roadmap, industry questions, etc.

From Sep 21st to Oct 5th, 2022, feel free to ask our team any questions you may have about the new Katalon platform and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Timeframe (US Eastern)

  • Start Date: Sep 21st, 2022
  • End Date: Oct 5th, 2022



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After some scratching my head (@vu.tran seriously? yet another not announced ‘upgrade’ on the doc/forum platform) I managed to find the link i knew was somewhere:

note the note:

Katalon Studio fully supports automation test for desktop apps written in the following platforms: Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Classic Windows (Win32).

@vu.tran please do something with the current theme applied … current colors are simply too much for my eyes …
do you guys seriously want to make me visually impaired?

Thank you @Bionel , I love your open expression. Please note that the product announcements and branding applied to the community are part of a larger company direction. We are aware that the new change will not please everyone’s taste. The change reflects our products transformation to the new Katalon Platform for our users. We redefine our brand identity to adapt with the modern and comprehensive solutions that we are offering.

We value users’ feedback as a part of our growth. However, we do embrace a zero bullying policy. Express your opinions but no put-downs allowed.
With that said your post was under another topic so I have moved this to the correct thread.

Cheers, Sara


Q: What is the Katalon Platform?

A: The Katalon platform is a modern, comprehensive quality management platform that enables teams to easily and efficiently test, launch, and optimize the best digital experiences. It provides capabilities that allow test automation teams to collaborate, manage, scale, and continuously improve testing operations. Learn more.

This is the next evolution of TestOps: it is the keystone that integrates all your testing activities throughout the Katalon Platform, natively and seamlessly, for project and user management.

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Q: Do I have to pay to use the Katalon Platform?

A: Katalon has free and affordable options to get started, with a flexible pricing structure that grows with your business needs. In detail, there will three offerings:

  • Free tier: Recommended if you are experimenting or getting started with Katalon

  • Premium tier: Recommended if you have production-grade testing workloads

  • Ultimate tier: If you are new user, please contact our team for more details at business@katalon.com. If you are already our existing user, contact your Customer Success Manager for further information.

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@sara.leslie yeaah… i was just taken by surprise with the changes.

i am not a big fan of bright colors, perhaps because my eyes are no longer how they used to be years ago.

but i do understand the importance of visual identity and if this is what katalon choose, i will addapt.

it is only a matter of taste, i ussually preffer desaturated color palettes and monochromatic flat icons (e. g material design) but you can ignore me on this matter, i am not an UI /UX expert.

my biggest frustration was the doc site suddenly changed the structure, so attempting to find some infos where they used to be… was not there.

for the rest, i wish you luck with the new platform product, for my understanding looks like will be a step forward to a SaaS Katalon so the user owns nothing on a physical machine.

I hope this will not came in the detriment of the legacy / standalone features available, but yet again I am not here to judge your bussines plans.

Time will tell how clever or not it was.


Q: What are the values that the Katalon Platform offers?


  • Speed: Katalon is quick to learn and launch. It is easy to use so you canefficiently create and automate tests to optimize your apps, products, and software.
  • Affordability: Katalon has free and affordable options to get started, with a flexible pricing structure that grows with the customer’s business needs.
  • Scalability: The platform scales up so teams will be able to adapt and adjust quickly to unpredictable testing demands and business requirements.
  • Visibility: Intelligent features and reporting give you the visibility and insight to continuously improve your testing process.
  • Innovation: Katalon’s culture of innovation and product-led growth model means we’re constantly evolving to stay ahead in the industry.

Q: What does the testing lifecycle look like in the Katalon Platform?


TestOps is the Platform and in our platform, you can conduct the whole testing cycle that includes planning, authoring, organizing, and executing tests, then analyzing test reports.

  • Planning - Katalon TestOps
  • Authorizing - Katalon Studio
  • Organizing - Katalon TestOps, Katalon Studio
  • Executing - Katalon TestCloud, Katalon Runtime Engine
  • Analyzing - Katalon TestOps

:pushpin: Please learn more about how Katalon Platform works About Katalon Platform | Katalon Docs

:pushpin: A free learning course to help you understand better: Katalon Platform: Achieve a Full End-to-End Experience of Test Automation

Where is KAR in all this?

KAR may not be as much Katalon’s bread and butter as income goes, but it’s still an important product to maintain.


Hi @guy.mason,

Thank you for your question. You’ll be able to use Katalon Recorder just as before independently to the Katalon Platform. We will maintain the tool to be up-to-date and free of charge for users.

Thanks :+1:


Q: If I never use any of Katalon’s tools before, what would I get?

You will get the new Katalon platform by default. This means: Katalon TestOps and a combination of Studio and KRE or TestCloud or both. Explore Katalon Platform here.
Please follow these two easy steps to get the Katalon Studio, please ensure you are signed up/logged in with your email.

Step 1: Click the download icon (next to the view demo site)

Step 2: Choose the right version for your machine

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Q: If I am an existing free user (Katalon Studio and/or TestOps Free), what would I get with the new Katalon platform?

The free tier is an “always free” offer which allows users to leverage the Katalon Platform within specified limits for each feature (see table below). You could still use the current Katalon Studio standalone version or download the Platform edition here Katalon TestOps (please refer to this guide) to enjoy the best that Katalon Platform has to offer.

Functionality Notes
Users Limits 5
Number of Organizations 1
Number of Active Projects 3
Number of Monthly TRs (Test Results) 2,000
Data Retention (month) 6
Reporting & Analytics Basic
Admin & Provisioning Standard
Advanced features & Special offers N/A
Support Katalon Community
Katalon Docs
Annual Price ($) $0
Monthly Price ($) $0
Number of KSE (Katalon Studio Enterprise) seats Additional Purchase
KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine) Session N/A
Test Cloud TC Free Trial

For existing Business or Enterprise users, please refer to our Pricing page for more information.

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Hi Katalon teams

I see the below information in the documentation.
I want to know some details.

  1. Will it be transferred to the Katalon Studio Platform in the future?

  2. Will the old Katalon Studio (8.4.0) continue to be maintained or upgraded?

  3. If the company cannot provide access to the company’s git server, is there any other solution?

Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

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Hi @ziying.wang, thank you for sharing those questions with us.

Just to clarify your questions:

Do you mean that the on-prem version will be transferred to the Katalon Platform? If this is your question, the answer will be NO. We continue to support on-prem. The solution includes KSE + KRE + License Management.

From Sep 21, 2022, we will have 2 versions of Katalon Studio: standalone and platform. Correct me if I’m wrong, the old Katalon Studio (8.4.0) that you are referring to is the standalone version. Yes, we support all users with active development, and you can choose on-prem solution too.

I would like to break this question into 2 parts. 1 is about source code management (SCM), in this case, Git is not the only option, you can use other SCMs as we offer in our integration Katalon Platform | Integrations for End-to-End Software Testing. This is the best practice. Alternatively, you can choose to manually export and import test artifacts from Katalon directly. 2 is about security compliance, if your company cannot provide access, we do have on-prem solutions to address the needs. This will need further discussion with our solution teams. I will message you privately for further information if needed.


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i am beginer on katalon, on colpeting the istalltion part i am here unable to create new project , can somebody help me with it??

Q: If I am an existing Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) user and never use Katalon TestOps before, what should I do?

You have 3 options:

  1. You can start using the Katalon Platform (TestOps) with unlimited test results offering in our trial window period from Sep 21, 2022 to Feb 15, 2023.

  2. Before Feb 15, 2023, you could opt out the Katalon Platform and switch back to your current subscription without any changes. OR

  3. You can choose not to opt in Katalon Platform and continue to use your KSE as usual without any changes.

In order to opt-in, you need to click on the ‘Opt-in’ button on the admin portal Katalon TestOps. Once you’ve opted-in, you are required to download the Katalon Studio Platform edition to ensure that your tests authored in Studio will run on TestOps.

Q: I am an existing user of Katalon Products (KSE, KRE, TestOps Business/Enterprise, TestCloud), what should I do to enjoy the new Katalon Platform?

You will receive an email to update about the Katalon Platform with details from Katalon team to show you steps to move forward. If in any case, you haven’t received our email, please help us email your Customer Success Manager or success@katalon.com for further information. Thank you for using Katalon products.

Hi @bhushan9142gore,

Welcome to Katalon Community and we’re glad that you begin to use our products. This is some helpful documents for you to follow Open a test project in Katalon Studio - Platform Edition | Katalon Docs. Besides, there is a tutorial video on our Katalon Academy to guide you through Katalon Studio for Beginners: How to Create and Execute Automated Tests. Hope those materials help!

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The option to create a new project is disabled and I dont know why. I am using the latest katalon version through the free trial for now. Im new on this and Im trying to create my 1st project.

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