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This is an AMA-style thread where you can ask our Product Team members anything about the Katalon Platform, such as: product roadmap, upcoming releases, exciting GPT-powered features to come :robot: , best practices, other industry-related questions, and more!

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  • Start Date: 2023-09-05T23:00:00Z
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Tri Le Ha Pham Xuan Tran Vy Huynh
Le Van Thanh Tri (@tri.tle) - Product Manager (TestOps) Pham Thi Vy Ha (@ha.tpham) - Product Manager (TestCloud) Tran Thi Kim Xuan (@xuan.tran) - Product Manager (Katalon Studio) Huynh Thanh Vy (@vy.huynh) - Product Manager (Cloud Studio)
Win Le is working on the Platform (TestOps) module which handles the end-to-end testing experiences i.e. test organization, planning, execution, and reporting on the Katalon Platform. He is always looking to learn from, and empathize with, Katalon users to further improve our products and services. Sunny Pham is responsible for the TestCloud module within the Katalon Platform, which is a cloud-based automation testing environment that allows you to easily execute cross-browser testing without the need of physical infrastructures. If you have a TestCloud-related question or feedback, then Sunny is the one to go to. As an Associate Product Manager, Xuan aims to deliver the best user experience for Katalon Studio (KS) users, as well as making KS more powerful and efficient with each release. If you have a question relating to Katalon Studio i.e. best practice, etc., then feel free to mention Xuan in your question. Vy Huynh is an Associate Product Manager currently working on Cloud Studio (CS), our web-based test creation tool for automated web testing. Feel free to ask her anything about CS’ development i.e. features, capabilities, or any other related topics. Your feedback and queries are invaluable for our Product team to refine CS further.

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Hello to TestOps and Cloud Studio Team : @tri.tle @vy.huynh

Not a query, but a proposal or advice that I have previously made. In contrast to the vibrant website, the design/UI layout of TestOps is not very appealing. The TestOps platform would seem more appealing and visible to the end user, especially to CTOs who are seeking to confirm KS/KSE/TestOps as their Automation solution, if it could be completely revamped like your main website,


Hey there Katalon peeps/ @xuan.tran

As a developer/API Test Automation engineer I find the tie-in with Eclipse bothersome, there’s some issues with the IDE I can really do without. There’s also a lot of overhead mainly supporting non-technical users that I could do without.

I was wondering if there is any documentation available about developing Katalon tests without the use of Katalon Studio?

For higher level FE test development, Katalon Studio still has the same issues, but the pro’s outweigh them (less need of technical knowledge/experience).

Kind Regards,



@coen.schalkwijk I saw your message before it was deleted.

I think @kazurayam has developed test cases outside Katalon Studio. Perhaps he will provide you a link.

But please, take that discussion to a new thread and keep this one about AMA.

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My question:

Is anyone brave enough to set a date for the elevation of JavaScript to become a first class development language for Test Cases in Katalon Studio?

@duyluong and I had several discussions about the possibility. In late 2021 he told me it is being worked on.

My suspicion is, in the rush to move into the cloud and latterly the heavy focus on “AI”, JS promotion and adoption has fallen off the development radar.

Anyone crazy enough to poke their head above of the trench?

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See this link:

I think this link isn’t interesting for @coen.schalkwijk


No responses in over 24hrs? Hmm.


Hi all,

Thank you for your questions so far. Our APMs will be responding to your questions as soon as possible. Keep them coming :+1:

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Hi @coen.schalkwijk,
As Russ Thomas and Kazurayam already replied, you can see a few threads on the forum on how to write Katalon tests with other IDEs, and I think it’s really worth trying. However, we do not officially support this approach yet, so currently there’s no official document on for this tutorial. We’re still developing Katalon Studio so that we can bring a better experience to users, so we acknowledge your need and will consider it in the future.
Thank you so much and happy testing :two_hearts:
Xuan Tran.


Hi @Russ_Thomas,
Thank you so much for bringing this up. JavaScript sounds interesting, let’s see what we could do about it. :sparkles:

In the meantime, Groovy is still the main focus for us, but we would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Thumb-up :+1:t2: if you want JavaScript in some next couple of releases, and don’t hesitate to comment if you want Studio to support other languages as well :two_hearts:

Hello, every one

Hello @Monty_Bagati, it’s a pleasure to reconnect with you.

The Katalon team is currently engaged in enhancing the interface to provide a more appealing and user-friendly experience. Naturally, such transformations demand a significant amount of time and it’s quite challenging to implement them throughout the entire application.

As we progress, we would greatly value insights from our users. We are considering conducting usability testing and may extend an invitation soon. It would be greatly appreciated if you could participate.


Hello Win @tri.tle : thanks for your reply. I completely understand your point.

Looking forward to help @Katalon_team in my best capacity


Hi Noor,

Good to have you here. Is there anything about the Katalon Platform that you would like to ask our APMs? Maybe a new GPT-powered feature? :eyes:

We have integrated our Katalon tests with TestRail. For this we use the TestRail CLI tool instead of the Katalon TestRail Integration plugin, as the plugin does not meet our requirements. Now we would like to use the new feature of the TestRail CLI tool to automatically add step information in the results. For this purpose the JUnit XML report generated by Katalon should be enriched with additional properties as described here or here.

<testsuites name="test suites root">
  <testsuite failures="0" errors="0" skipped="1" tests="1" time="0.05" name="tests.LoginTests">
    <properties><property name="setting1" value="True"/></properties>
    <testcase classname="tests.LoginTests" name="test_case_2" time="650">
         <property name="testrail_attachment" value="path_to/logs.log"/>
         <property name="testrail_attachment" value="path_to/screenshot.jpg"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_field" value="version:1.2"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_field" value="custom_environment:qa02"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_comment" value="Finding 1"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_comment" value="Finding 2"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_step" value="passed: Insert login credentials"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_step" value="failed: Click submit"/>
         <property name="testrail_result_step" value="untested: User should be logged in"/>

How to get Katalon to generate the required properties for each validation step in the JUnit .XML Report?

hi everyone, I’ve just started using Katalon, and I have some questions about Katalon Testcloud for @ha.tpham:

  • Which environments does Testcloud support at the moment?
  • How can I run test from Testcloud from my ci/cd pipeline?


Hi @Surendrakumar, thank you very much for your questions. Please find my answers below.

TestCloud allows you to run tests of a Katalon project on a wide range of browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. You can learn more by going to our documentation below:

TestCloud integrates seamlessly with your CI/CD pipeline to enable smooth collaboration. Explore TestCloud’s Jenkins integration - one of the most popular CI/CD tools.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions about TestCloud :smile:


I have a TestOps related question for @tri.tle as follow: Is TestOps equipped to allow me to seamlessly manage both my test cases and requirements?

Looking forward to your answer. Thanks!

Hi all, I have a question for @vy.huynh about Cloud Studio as I have been seeing a few topics here and there about it popping up on the forum: What is it, and what are Cloud Studio’s advantage compare to Katalon Studio?