Why is Katalon Recorder v7.0 drastically slower than v6.0.3?

In my case, the new version of Katalon Recorder (7.0.0) works successfully on some web pages (latest version of Chrome, 125.0.6422.142, Windows Server 2019), for example several attached sample projects ran successfully. Some web pages exhibit problems similar to those described here: Unable to load webpages with Katalon Recorder extension active, Return prompt no longer working (in my case sometimes the command storeEval does not work), Issues with jQuery after update.

However, the new version of the extension does not work at all with the old version of Chrome (version 109.0.5414.168, official build, 64-bit, Windows 8.1). The previous version generally worked fine with the older version of Chrome.

Earlier on the forum, the Katalon team provided recommendations for installing unpacked extensions in Chrome (previous versions). However, the repository with version releases has not been updated for a long time. I hope that attaching the extension archive I have saved (version 6.0.1, update from 2024-04-23) will not violate community rules.

This is the original CRX file from the Chrome Web Store, which was saved in one of my browser directories (C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\extensions_crx_cache) during the last update or installation. This file can be opened and unpacked using tools like 7-Zip, and more detailed instructions can be found in the link I provided above.

Please NOTE that if you download the CRX file in Chrome (not using Save link as), then the browser will automatically try to start installing the extension (which we don’t need if our goal is to install an unpacked extension, an outdated version), this attempt will most likely fail.
ljdobmomdgdljniojadhoplhkpialdid_6_0_1.crx (5.8 MB)