Why is Katalon Recorder v7.0 drastically slower than v6.0.3?

This morning when launching Katalon Recorder, I was excited to see another update had been shipped. However, that excitement quickly went away as I began running my scripts. The speed of the recorder is drastically slower in this version. At first, I thought that I had left the speed setting down a notch or two from the fastest mode. Yet when I checked, it was at the fastest setting.

The speed is significantly slower. Yesterday, using version 6, the speed allowed my scripts to run in minutes. Now, with version 7, the same data set will take well over 20+ minutes. Is anyone else experiencing this slowdown? I am happy to provide more details and perform tests.

If this can not be resolved rapidly, how can I downgrade to the previous version?


Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


In my case, the new version of Katalon Recorder (7.0.0) works successfully on some web pages (latest version of Chrome, 125.0.6422.142, Windows Server 2019), for example several attached sample projects ran successfully. Some web pages exhibit problems similar to those described here: Unable to load webpages with Katalon Recorder extension active, Return prompt no longer working (in my case sometimes the command storeEval does not work), Issues with jQuery after update.

However, the new version of the extension does not work at all with the old version of Chrome (version 109.0.5414.168, official build, 64-bit, Windows 8.1). The previous version generally worked fine with the older version of Chrome.

Earlier on the forum, the Katalon team provided recommendations for installing unpacked extensions in Chrome (previous versions). However, the repository with version releases has not been updated for a long time. I hope that attaching the extension archive I have saved (version 6.0.1, update from 2024-04-23) will not violate community rules.

This is the original CRX file from the Chrome Web Store, which was saved in one of my browser directories (C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\extensions_crx_cache) during the last update or installation. This file can be opened and unpacked using tools like 7-Zip, and more detailed instructions can be found in the link I provided above.

Please NOTE that if you download the CRX file in Chrome (not using Save link as), then the browser will automatically try to start installing the extension (which we don’t need if our goal is to install an unpacked extension, an outdated version), this attempt will most likely fail.
ljdobmomdgdljniojadhoplhkpialdid_6_0_1.crx (5.8 MB)


We have been forced to disable the extension it is messing up many of our forms, is running very slowly, and many of the runScript code is no longer running (eg prompt). Please fix this Katalon.


I’ve personally found the performance an improvement, but I have noticed I am now having issues where text input fields with JS events attached to them aren’t triggering the JS events correctly (and in some cases seem to be blanking out the field after populating them, post file upload via ‘type’).

runScript is also personally working for me.

I don’t believe that these issues are bugs with what I am testing, but with the extension in this case.

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Have you tried something like this?
runScript | return prompt (‘Name’,‘Jim’) | x

Should present a prompt and store your value in x. We use that approach to help non-tech Testers input their testing conditions

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Hi there Brenton @brenton, :wave:

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate your help in identifying problems and unusual behaviors.

We will be forwarding your issue to our Recorder team soon. Before doing so, could you please provide the following:

  1. The web page that you were testing with Katalon Recorder.
  2. The steps to reproduce the bug.
  3. A screen recording of the bug in action.

The information above will be very helpful to our Recorder team!

:information_source: Additionally, you could also contact our Recorder team via the email: recorder-services@katalon.com for faster support, bug report, or feature requests.

Katalon Community team

Hi Albert - Thank you for the reply. I am very grateful that a member of the Support team has already reached out, and I have provided all of the items that you requested. If it would help with the investigation, I am happy to join a web session and provide additional details.

I am looking forward to updates in the coming weeks!


That is a great technique, derobertis.michael. I’m going to give that a try!

The scenario that I am reporting and have observed in this post does not appear to be related to the test I have created or the web property that I am testing. The solution is drastically slower!

Thanks, Guy; I agree that the issue is likely in the extension itself.

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You can download old versions of the Katalon Recorder at www.crx4chrome.com

Version 6.0.3: Download Katalon Recorder 6.0.3 CRX File for Chrome (Old Version) - Crx4Chrome

To Install:

  1. Open Manage Extensions in your Browser (Brave (Most Secure), Chrome, etc…)
  2. Enable “Developer Mode” in your Browser (Top Right)
  3. Extract CRX file to a folder using 7-Zip
  4. Click “Load Unpacked” and select the folder from Step 3.

Say “A la Peanut Butter Sandwiches”


I looked into this but I believe most of us will have overarching policies that mean browsers will auto-update to the latest extension version

Actually, if you install an Extension in this way, then it won’t upgrade. I purposely keep two versions of the Katalon Recorder installed. The active current version, and a previous known-good version.

I switch back and forth by simply disabling one and enabling the other.

Why would I do this? Because browser extensions upgrade automatically whenever the extension developer releases a new version and not on my schedule.

I am a software developer myself and I know that not all releases are good. This is not me complaining, it is just the reality of life. I, myself, have released more duds than I care to admit. That is why I appreciate the Katalon Recorder extension. It helps me to keep my duds to a minimum. :slight_smile:

That said, this is not the first version of the Katalon Recorder that broke things. Sometimes purposely, sometimes not. When I am busy testing a release, I don’t necessarily have time to also debug the latest Katalon Recorder or upgrade my testing scripts. Sometimes I need to get a patch or feature out quickly.

Therefore it is important to me to have an older known-good version of the Katalon Recorder available. If something is off, I can quickly switch versions, complete my testing and log the issue afterward. It also means I can quickly verify that the issue is with the new release of the Katalon Recorder, and not some goofy error on my side.

End of Sermon

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I believe manual extension installation is also against policy for us, but nevertheless thank you very much.

Yes I agree regarding software releases containing bugs. I have been a Katalon user for years and am a massive fan of their products. The unfortunate situation with this release however is it has forced us to disable it because we do a lot of runScript stuff (akin to having a mini framework which manages all the conditions etc).

I’m sure it will be resolved soon (I hope :slight_smile: ).

Manual extension installation is against policy here too. However, the “Firefox trick” is working perfectly: Katalon has not been updated for Firefox, and it can run the exact same scenarios as on Chrome. Back in business for now.

Hi there @brenton, :wave:

Just checking in if our Product Supoprt team has been able to resolve your issue with Recorder or not.

If yes, then would you be able to share with us how the issue was resolved here so that other members can follow it as well?


I have seen no difference. I still have the same problems.