Slow test execution

Is there anyway to see what is taking so long in executing tests? I have made sure that speed in Katalon Recorder is at max. But sometimes tests go much slower than if I was executing myself. Other times, the tests fly through the steps. Is there anything in logging for tool? Should Networking tab in Chrome debugger show why it is waiting? I do not believe that is slow requests that page is waiting on. For example, I have javascript that reads the security question on the page and based on the question, it types the answer. There is a long delay between when page displays and when answer is typed. Are there delays for each command? On another page, we have a search component that requires that you slowly type the characters for it to behave correctly. But even without a wait, it takes a long time between characters. Do I need to decrease wait times for specific commands or can I set that at the beginning of each test case?

Sometimes I have the same problem, mostly with “big” test cases (daten driven etc.).
In my cases what works is:

  • deleting the logs
  • restart Katalon Recorder and Chrome

Which logs? Clearing the log window in the tool? I am typically running 10 test cases that do a walk the site for 1 user and clear logs in between. Most executions for me are slow even when I relaunch Chrome and Katalon Recorder.

Hi @glenn_remar,
Have you try adjust the speed slider to the fastest setting?
Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 8.50.25 AM

Yes I always make sure that the slider is set to fast. Is there anyway to see what speed is getting picked up?

One thing I noticed is that execution seems to go much faster when both browser window and Katalon recorder window are both visible on screen. When Katalon window is covered up, execution seems slower.

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