Performance Issue - Katalon Studio Web Recorder slow to capture objects

Hello, we are in midst of deciding if Katalon Studio is what we want to use for our projects and we have a lot of projects that we would love to move over. The problem we are facing is with the recorder inside the Katalon Studio.
What we have noticed

  • I tried many different sites like amazon/ebay and others as test sites for recording with almost 50 recorded steps and never had any issue …
  • We have like almost over 30 applications (most of them angular 2 +) and all of them have serious performance issues while recording.
    • The issue is,
    • From the time I click an object to the time the object gets created/captured in the recorder is a huge ~15 second gap and that happens consistently for each click
    • When some text is typed in the text box each letter probably has a ~500ms delay

My question is, What is it that could cause such a performance issue?
And the reason I ask is because, I don’t see this issue in other sites like I mentioned for amazon/ebay

What I am not able to decide is where the issue is, is it on my Application side that there is an issue or is it on the Katalon Studio recorder side

Windows 10
Katalon 6.1.4 (32/64) / 6.1.1
Browser Chrome
Application : Angular 2 + Based / DevExtreme Components


I am facing a similar problem. Could you please tell me if you found any explanation?

Thank you

For now we have stopped using the recorder and writing our own tests and test objects without recording. That has been a faster approach for us since the recorder chooses xpath, which we have anyway clean later.