Katalon recorder is Slowing down the Speed after running for some time

I am running Katalon Recorder on my web browser to execute some test cases. In this test case, there is a while loop which will keep on executing till a desired value is found on the web page. The loop may execute for an hour or two or more to find the value and exit the loop. But the issue is that the Katalon recorder execution speed becomes very slow after running for 10 minutes. later the speed decreases. How do we overcome this issue?

I have seen that deleting the logs is improving the execution speed. Is there any way to stop logging the execution?
Is there any other option to keep the Katalon running at the same as it’s initial speed?

Your input is appreciated!

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Do you have screenshot or any log? Currently, I cannot find ways to stop logging execution in KR.

I see this is a common issue in the Katalon recorder. I have checked it on multiple machines with multiple codes. All are having the same issue!

As explained earlier, I have a loop in the Katalon recorder which will be kept running till a predefined value becomes visible on the website. It will be running very quickly initially and Katalon becomes slow when time lapses. I understand it because of the log it’s being generated. The log size keeps on increasing when the loop continues to run.
I also noticed that deleting the log is speeding up the Katalon running speed!
You may also generate this issue on your side just by running a loop!