Return prompt no longer working


My Katalon Recorder extension in Edge Chromium was upgraded today to 7.0.0. After this I noticed that prompting stopped working.

I get that storeExpression and writeToCSV can replace this approach and I do this also. But the reason for visual prompting is so that less confident testers are prompted to enter their input.

eg of what now doesnt run:

runScript | return prompt(‘Do you like sausages’,‘yes/no’) | storeResult

My assumption is javascript prompt and other functions are deprecated. If that’s the case is there any alternative that will present a visual option for end users?

Edge version is 125.0.2535.79



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Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


I think, there is an issue with version 7.0, I have a lot of problems … can you provide a link to the old Katalon recorder version?


Wrote about it here.


I’m also seeing lots of JavaScript errors and pages that won’t load with recorder 7.0 installed. When I uninstall the recorder all the errors go away. When I reinstall the recorder all the errors return again.

I would also love a fix or a way to go back to the previous version.

Thank you

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Further to my original comment, we are having to disable katalon recorder because with 7.0.0 many of our forms are loading with javascript issues. Please can we get some urgent attention on this?!

Just want to reference this thread, where other issues related to KAR v7.0 have also been raised: Why is Katalon Recorder v7.0 drastically slower than v6.0.3?

Noticed that Katalon has now updated the release notes to indicate that they are aware of these issues and plan to address them.

This problem is so easy to see, just run alert(“hello”) in the Browser developer tools Console with katalon recorder enabled, and it will fail. Run it with katalon recorder disabled and it will run correctly (and present an alert saying “hello”)


Hi there @derobertis.michael, :wave:

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate your help in identifying problems and unusual behaviors.

We will be forwarding your issue to our Recorder team soon. Before doing so, could you please provide the following:

  1. The web page that you were testing with Katalon Recorder.
  2. The steps to reproduce the bug.
  3. A screen recording of the bug in action.

The information above will be very helpful to our Recorder team!

:information_source: Additionally, you could also contact our Recorder team via the email: for faster support, bug report, or feature requests.

Katalon Community team

Albert there is already a case open as a high priority with your dev team. I have been dealing with an Oliver (case number 00023240)


Thank you for your response @derobertis.michael :+1:

If possible, when your issue has been resolved, could you share the solutions with us here in this thread? That would definitely help others who are facing the same problem.