What would you like to see & discuss in our next AMA? 🤓

Hi everyone @trust_level_0 , :wave:

Our forum has had three pretty successful Ask Katalon Anything (AKA) events up till now, and while we do plan to continue our AKA series of Ask-Me-Anything-style events, we would love to know what topics you would like to ask our Katalians about.

Given the list of options below, which automation testing topics are you most excited to learn about? What features of the Katalon Platform do you have burning questions on? Let us know in the poll below :point_down:

[Update as of May 16, 2024] Our poll is now closed. Feel free to comment below on which topics you are eager to discuss with us!

Which topics would you like to discuss with us in our next AKA?
  • Web testing
  • Katalon Studio
  • Desktop testing
  • Cloud Studio
  • Object Spy
  • Salesforce testing
  • Chrome / WebDriver
  • Katalon Recorder
  • Mobile testing
  • Visual testing
  • BDD testing
  • API testing
  • Katalon Certifications
  • Integration / Setting up
  • DevTool
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If your topic is not in the poll above, simply let us know by commenting below :point_down:

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HI, it would be great to include a search in Profile (default,…), in projects with lots of global variables search in Profile would be very helpful for example when it’s necessary to update a global variable. I’ve got projects with up to 150 global variables in profile, looking for a specific one becomes a tedious task.


Hi Issac,

Thank you for detailing your question. I am presuming that it would have to do with the UI/UX of working with Katalon Studio?

We will take note of your question for our upcoming AKA.

Thanks! :+1:

Yes, my proposal is related to UI/UX Katalon Studio,

(See screesnchot).


Solid suggestion @isaac.palmasolis.ex1 I’ll share with the team.


I would like to see the JIRA GPT feature functioning fully. Currently with Katalon 9.4 version, the test cases that are getting generated in JIRA are not up to the expectations.

I would like to know the ETA for the feature to be fully functional.


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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Hi Community members @trust_level_0, :wave:

We will close up our poll soon, so don’t miss out the chance to let us know which topics of discussions you would like to see in our upcoming AKA! :point_up:

And, if your topic(s) is not in the poll, simply let us know in the comment :point_down:

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Good Morning,

I would like to see information on API testing. How to write good api test cases , etc.




Hi there Kim, :wave:

Welcome to our forum!

Our Product Support team has just started their API Testing series of KShare article this month, you can check out their first article related to API Testing below…

As we host our AKA session (which will be soon :wink:), be sure to let us know as much as possible about which aspect of API Testing you are eager to know more about.


Hi @here, :wave:

Thank you very much for casting your vote(s) and let us know which topic(s) you would like to see featured in our upcoming AKA (which will be soon, we promised :wink:).

We will proceed to close the poll soon. Should you still have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below :point_down:

Albert from Katalon Community team

Visual Baseline collections can not be easily updated, deleted in bulk.
Visual Baseline collections and how they are used and added when visual test suites are run from different places (Studio, TestCloud) is difficult to predict and understand.

Would be great to have ability to have more editing control of baseline collections and also have confidence that when a baseline is created selected in a testcloud execution that it will create and compare against the created baseline images without randomly creating ‘missing’ and ‘new’ screenshots. This leads to having to keep creating more and more baselines and lower confidence the visual comparison done will be accurate and expected comparisons made.

I would be grateful if you can do an Azure devops integration, Azure test plan use cases session. I struggle a lot when I try to run test suites on ADO.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi folks @here,

We are pumped to share with you that our next Ask Katalon Anything (AKA) activity will take place in June! :tada: