How to run test cases in test suite with current active browser using command prompt

Hi Team,

From version v5.2.0.1 you have provided facility to run test cases in currently active browser session which is invoked by running test cases in past but this is done by clicking on run button on home screen of Katalon Studio by selecting active browser session of open browser like chrome. Can you guide me how can I run my test cases in test suite with current active browser using command prompt.

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Hi Murtaja,

Using command prompt for an active browser is currently not supported. Can I ask why do you need to have this purpose?


In my application we provider user name which is company mail id, password. Once provided, OTP generated on our mail every-time hence we cant automate login functionality because of new generated OTP every time. I need to keep current logged in session for my test case execution and this feature is provided by current version v5.2.0.1 but how can I run test cases using command prompt with active browser session?

I agree, this would be very helpful. The Chrome app has this, but to be able to run test in my active browser from the Katalon Studio is not. My web app is utilizing sessions and 2-factor authorization.

Hello! I need to run my tests in active browser, because for test I need to use browser plugin, but in browser which opens in Katalon Studio I can’t install any extensions. Thank you!

Anybody here?

I would like to be able to do this, is it supported yet?