Running tests in the current tab Google Chrome

Hello! Tell me, please, is it possible to run tests in the current session Google Chrome, and not in a new one.
Since each time you have to go through Google authorization, because our application works with the Google service. I know that this is possible in the Catalon Recorder, but it does not suit us …
You can somehow pass the cookie?

@ri.ibragimov There might be some way to do that but I am not aware. I think when ever you want to run test the drivers will initaite the new instance of the browser. The best way would be to automate Google login as well. Does your app has a “Sign In with Google” ?

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Thanks for the answer! our application is developed in the Google tool - AppMaker and in order to enter the application you have to go through Google authorization. Two-stage authorization: 1. Enter your login and password 2. Without this, the application will not open. Confirmation of Google login on your phone (where you need to click Yes). It will not be possible to automate such a case, since you still have to press yes with your hands on the phone. Therefore, it would be convenient to run autotests in the current session.

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@ri.ibragimov Can this 2 factor authentication be turned off for the account you are trying to test with ?

You can only do this with an existing Katalon-spawned browser instance (which has an associated driver that the studio can use). If you run any test, let a browser spawn, then stop it, you should then have a “Run from here” option if you right-click anywhere in your code.

However, this is not recommended for normal execution, and is really only there to help debug test cases. Like @manpreet.mukkar has suggested, if there’s any possible way to conduct the login as part of your test case, you should try and do that.

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This is the problem that you can’t turn it off. My phone does not want to turn it off, given that in the security settings I turned it off.

Ok, thank you!