Katalon Studio: run on active browser

I use Katalon version 6.1.0 on Windows 10. It is not possible to launch the run of a step. Run from here is disabled.

There is no way we solve your issue with such little detail - please be more specific with the scenario your attempting to complete.

Katalon “run from here” feature will only work if the steps before arent necessary for the step your attmepting to run to work. What i mean is you cant just click run from here on any step and expect it to work.

Pleases have a read of this and provide more info -

I want to test an angular application to which i need to connect with ‘itsme’ which is a Belgian Mobile ID SA. I would like to perform the login manually and then launch the test scenario’s with Katalon Studio on the active browser (Chrome).

I tested it out with Katalon Recorder and it works fine.
Here is a screenshot of the successful execution.

Now I would like to perform something similar in Katalon Studio: login manually and perform the next steps with Katalon Recorder in the active browser (Chrome).
But here the option ‘run from here’ is not active.

Please let me know if i’m still not clear enough and if the uploads where not successful.

Ok so i understand what you are trying to do - from my knowledge you wont be able to do this. The reason is because KS will not detect the browser as one you are attempting to run the script in. There is no way for the script to know the steps it needed to take before(manually) for it then to be able to run your automation, even if you are kicking off the automation manually.

If KS did this it would cause massive issues as any browser open on you machine would attempt to run the script.

I hope you can see where im coming from, can i ask why your attempting to run it half manually and half automated? To me it doesnt make sense.

I totally agree it would be better to be able to full automate my tests…
But the login part is just impossible to automate (at least this is what i think).
I start by activating a login page in my browser, then i go to my smartphone and activate the itsme application in which i authenticate with a pin code. After this, i have access to the application i want to test.
The number of use cases to test once the login is (perhaps) worth the automation and accepting the manual part. This is what we want to figure out.
Further more i found this link

It explains how to run a Katalon Studio test on an active browser.
Why do I find this link as it would be impossible?
Do I have to understand it was possible on an earlier version???

So first off - that link doesnt actually give you a solution to what you want to do. They awnser in the link is what the run from here option can do. For the run from here to work as it says in that topic it needs

This is activated and shown to the user by the following

Now a browser where you have completed the steps before manually will not have chrome driver active and therefore the script wont run. However like the guy in the other topic has said, if you run a script and keep that browser open, the following steps you have will be able to run with the run from here option. (although from reading above, this is not what you want to be doing, and frankly this will cause you alot of issues)

Now to go back to your first point -

Now i havent personally done any mobile automation testing but there is the option to do so. I cant see why what you are trying to do shouldnt work with the mobile testing however like i said, i havent done any mobile testing before with katalon. I will link a few docs that might be worth a read. If it doesnt make sense, hopefully someone with more experience in the mobile aspect can help you.

That being said, you could create two seperate test cases - one for the mobile steps which then gets called in your main test after you “activate your login page in the browser”


Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

The ‘Run from here’ option will only be available when a Katalon-generated browser instance is already available, because Katalon needs to have instantiated a driver for it. To do this l, simply run a test that has a WebUI.openBrowser() method call, let the script stop on its own, and then try the ‘Run from here’ command elsewhere.


[Nadine_Van_Eeckhoudt] (try getting the latest version) how every I too have this issue
win10 and Katalon 6.1.13 Start a test it fails, I select back 2-3 step and say RUN from here.
The system runs thru but on the start here step can’t find the object it just found moments ago. Both the browse and Katalon are still active. I think the RUN from here has stopped working correctly. or maybe just for Win10.
Was working fine all thru May as I use it a lot to debug scripts

Yes the issue was reported and seems to now be fixed in v6.1.4. If you could try upgrading and see if that resolves the issue :slight_smile:

Run from here is still disabled, i m using 6.3.3