Recording multiple test cases with same web session?

I’m new to Katalon Studio and trying to evaluate it, I’m also a career test automator and do lots of test scripting. I’m having trouble getting started with this product. I’d like to be able to build a test suite of recorded test cases, it would seem that this is what Katalon Studio is designed to do, no?

Specifically, I’d like to record a “login” test case, then with the session logged in, record another test case to verify something on the initial page, then record a third test case to log out.

My problem is that after the first ‘login’ test case (which I recorded just fine) there is no option to record a second test case with the same (existing, actively open and logged in) browser? In the ‘web recorder’ there is no option for the existing active browser that I just used for the ‘login’ test case (and is still open). I can start a “New Browser” but that wouldn’t build on the previous test case. I feel like I must be missing something very basic here as this shouldn’t be hard! In case it matters, I’m using the latest FF browser (59.0.1) on a Mac with KS ver. 5.3.1. Please help!


You can use ‘Active Browser’ feature instead of ‘New Browser’ in this case. It will use the current active browser’s session, not a completely new browser


Thats exactly the problem, there is no ‘Active Browser’ option for the Firefox session that was left opened by the previous test case!


How do i run a suite in an “active browser” mode?