Run test in the active browser - Katalon Studio

In Katalon Studio is there any way to run the test in the active browser, as well as in the Katalon IDE extension?

Without Katalon Studio having to open the Brownser first.

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HI Michelsouza,

When you execute a test case in katalon, it start a driver instance of browser (not actual browser with all plugins & settings) . It is expected to work this way…

Now if you want to use same active browser then this can be done only with chrome driver in katalon.
For this , follow below steps,
1. Run your test case on chrome browser from katalon studio. (Remove close browser command from test steps.)
2. Now when your execution is complete, your chrome browser will still remain open. To execute test case again on same active browser, select test step (not test case) and right click on it and then click on command “Execute from Here”.

It will execute your scripts on same browser.

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Storing credentials in an external tool is not acceptable for many industries, so not having the feature to execute/debug tests in an active browser is a show-stopper for this tool for many of my projects. Frankly, I cannot understand how the Spy feature can support it, but test execution does not.

I say this feature is a must, and would add great value to your product.